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You have decided to stay ahead of the curve, however, is your career really future-proof? Will it even exist in the next ten years? Can your career withstand recession or will you have to face a dead end as soon as the demand for your job dies? Every career doesn’t come with a guarantee ensuring that you will be employable in the future as you are now. We have seen the bigger picture, and we have thought about every job strategically, and it seems one of the careers that is least vulnerable is certainly Data Science.

Proliferation of social media, mobile, and sensor trends are leading to new kind of data, which when translated can create unimaginable outcomes. Thanks to internet, Organizations have collected large amounts of data about their customers. This BIG DATA can be used as a gold mine to improve their efficiency. big data market is estimated to grow 45% annually to reach $25 billion 2015. Organizations of all sizes are turning to individuals who have the capability to translate this data into predictive insights that direct in making business decisions.

Today, Data science is omnipresent. Transactions are blocked when some kind of frauds are suspected. Many resumes get shortlisted as an outcome of their past job interviews and hires. Sales and Marketing in Health Care companies predict insurance premium for customers based on their parameters as well as predict sales of products. Retail analytics are scrutinized to predict demand and plan capital budget. Paypal identified distribution of losses by treating its transactions from a risk standpoint, whereas predictive modeling is at the core of Google’s search engine. Even Facebook depends heavily on data science to develop innovative and interactive features that will encourage Facebook users to daily cling on to it.

Ever wondered who the brainchild behind this is? These unique personalities are known as Data Scientists. Data Scientists don’t just present data, data scientists’ present data with an intelligence awareness of the consequences of presenting that data. With the use of algorithms and statistical modeling, they analyze scalable data with tools and platforms provided. No, they are not a programmer who are great with Hadoop, nor are they a business intelligence analyst, but, are a combination of both. They have strong business acumen accompanied with engineering skills and the ability to exchange ideas with both IT and business leaders to reach business decisions.

The field of Data Science is broad, which can be divided into Big data and Hadoop, Business analytics and Data Visualization. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review has claimed that data scientist is the sexiest job of the century. Data Science is no more a backend function, but is now being used on the front lines of business. The best part about taking up this career is that it is not one-dimensional, as any person emerging from any field can take up this field. Having said that, it is one of the most sought career paths wherein you will be entitled to find tremendous opportunities and great compensation.

There are institutions which have started to respond to the job market’s needs. Professionals aspiring to make career in Big Data Analytics have a long way to go and are surely going to be in demand in the years to come. EduPristine is one such institution which is leading the way in to help you achieve the unthinkable. So, is your career, too, is future-proof?