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“Facebook Marketing is not for growth in sales but only for spreading the awareness about the brand”. Whoever said this did not know that around 52% of the total marketers generated leads through Facebook in the year 2013. Yes that’s right. But what about the rest 48%??? May be they did not use the right techniques to generate the leads and therefore today we bring some useful tips that will help that other 48% to generate leads via Facebook.

1.  Use Call to Action button on Facebook

Earlier this year Facebook introduced this amazing feature which allows you to add Call To Action button to your Facebook page. You can link the Call To Action button to your website’s sign up page or any other page that you think will get you business.

Call to Action button on facebook
Selecting the right CTA button is important. In the above example, we have used “Contact Us” button, since it is an educational institution but if you have an E-Commerce website you can use “Shop Now” or if you want subscriptions then” Sign up”.

2.  Build Forms on Tab

With a little help from your design and coding team you can custom build the forms in the Facebook tabs itself. The forms can be about signing up for newsletter or registering for an event. You can also offer some incentives for filling up the forms like the 100th person registering will some goodies or something like that. That will encourage your fans to fill up the form. Make sure that the form is not too long and does not ask for too much of information.

Build forms on facebook
Snapdeal added this wonderful “Reachout to us” form wherein the customers can fill in their query regarding the purchase.

3.  Use Targeted Advertising

You need to keep some budgets aside if you want to generate good number of leads from Facebook. But creating an ad and creating a targeted ad are two different things. Facebook offers many targeting options that will help you reach the right person, so make sure that you target the right audience.

Facebook Ads Audience infographic

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The above infographic tells you how broad your Facebook ads audience can be, now your task is to find out that which type of audience is right for your brand. For example, you can add upto 50 languages, so now its upto you to decide that which will be the language spoken by your maximum audience and accordingly target the ad.

4.  Exciting Contests

Whether you want to increase your engagement level or generate leads, contests have been proven to be the best way. Design a contest which generates replies from a particular set of people who are interested in your product. For example, if you are in jewellery then design a contest that is targeted towards the ladies.

Contest on Facebook
The brand above deals with sunglasses and therefore has designed a contest on eye care. If your brand is into sportswear then you can take advantages of the sport events and design contest in a similar way.

5.  Include links to your website

While posting on Facebook, you can give your website link and hope that people will click on it. Make sure that you don’t overdo it. Posting your website link again and again will make people lose interest in your posts. When you post your website link then see to it that your post is somewhat related to the link provided by you.

Adding website link in Facebook post
When you have a new blog up for a read or an important sale coming up then you can give the link of that particular page on your website.

We are sure that you too must have tried many tricks to generate the leads from Facebook. Did they work??? Share with us in the comments box below.