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Google spreadsheet is a web based application created by Google that enables you to create and edit your spreadsheets online along with the others.

Why You should use Google Spreadsheets

1.Your data is always backed up, so you don’t have to worry about losing it if your system crashes or something like that.

2.You have the access to your data everywhere irrespective of your location. You can manage your data through desktop computer, laptop, smartphone etc.

3.You and your team can work on the same sheet at the same time across locations.

4.Work is simplified for the companies that use Google spreadsheets, as it saves a lot of time that goes into emailing of the documents.

How to create a Google Spreadsheet

To create a new worksheet follow the below mentioned steps:

1.Visit Google Spreadsheets

2.If you have no spreadsheets present then this (image 1) is how your screen will look.

3.Click on the + sign that reads create new spreadsheet and your spreadsheet shall be created.

4.You can rename the sheet by clicking untitled spreadsheet (image 2) which will launch a new dialog box for renaming.

Image 1

How to create Google spreadsheet

Image 2

How to rename Google spreadsheet

Formatting Google spreadsheets

1.You can easily format the data in currencies, percentages, decimal points, date, time, etc. through the options available on the top of the sheet. (image 3)

2.You can insert rows, columns, images, comment, function link, etc. by clicking on the insert tab or using Alt + I. ( image 4 )

3.You can add a new sheet by clicking on + sign available at the bottom of page. ( image 5)

Image 3

How to format Google spreadsheet

Image 4

How to add rows and columns in Google spreadsheet

Image 5

How to add a new sheet in Google spreadsheets

Get started with the functions

1.Functions make the calculations easy and mechanical. Some of the basic functions like Sum, Average, Count, etc. are available in the top ribbon of your spreadsheet. (image 6)

2.For example, if you want to use the function of sum then you just have to select it from the dropdown and the formula shall be displayed automatically. (image 7) Select the range of cells you want to add (A1:A3 in image 8) and press enter.

Image 6

Using functions in Google spreadsheets

Image 7

Using sum function in Google spreadsheet

Image 8

Using sum function in Google spreadsheet

As they say that every coin has two sides, similarly Google spreadsheets too have a flip side. Here is the list of things that we would like to see improving in Google spreadsheet.

1.Internet connectivity – Unlike Microsoft Excel, Google spreadsheets require internet connectivity which proves to be its major drawback.

2.You cannot organize your sheets since there are no folders

3.Loading of the spreadsheets takes up a lot of time

4.As compared to Microsoft Excel, the features offered by Google spreadsheets are very limited.

Though Google spreadsheets have some drawbacks but we still love the convenience and ease provided by it. Google spreadsheets consists of many more functions and shortcuts that we shall bring to you in our next blog. So stay tuned and do share your views with us in the comments box below.