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Google now has the answer to all your health related issues. No need of clicking through links and putting efforts to find the Symptoms, Treatments, Therapies and the kind of doctor you need to consult to help you with that health related issue.

According to Google, one out of every 20 searches on Google are for health related information. Hence, Google has expanded its Knowledge Graph and has now started answering your queries for diseases in the search result pages only.

For example, if you search for “Conjunctivitis”, you will see result like this.

Health related search results on Google

You can also check the Symptoms and Treatments of that disease.

Find symptoms of a disease on Google search

Find Treatments for Diseases on Google Search

The search result will also give you data about how contagious the disease is, if it is treatable or not, if it is self-diagnosable and how long it takes to cure. These details can be viewed once you click on the “more information” button.

Google does not want you to take these results as medical advice. Although the data has been curated and reviewed by a team of highly qualified Medical Doctors led by Dr. Kapil Parakh, M.D., MPH, Ph.D. and all the facts have been checked by medical doctors at Google and Mayo Clinic for accuracy, Google says that the results are for informational purpose only.

This is true because the symptoms and treatment do vary from person to person.

And this is how the result will look on mobile searches:

Mobile search results for health related queries

Google has rolled this feature out in the U.S. but you can also use this feature by visiting instead of your local Google. Google is gradually planning to roll out this feature for everyone.

Google is increasing its Knowledge graph day by day and making the search results easily accessible to users. Recently, Google had also launched the tool to calculate Loan and Mortgage on its search results pages.

What do you think about this feature in the Google Search?