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Finally the rumours of Google-Twitter deal enabling Google to include and index tweets in its search results have been confirmed. It is official now. Google and Twitter have agreed to a deal which will enable viewing real time Tweets from Twitter on Google search results.

This article will help you understand the after-effects of this deal. How this deal will affect Google, Twitter and everyone using these Internet platforms? Let’s analyze some of the outcomes from this deal:

1.Viewing any Tweet will be easier: Google will now get access to all the tweets from Twitter. Prior to this deal Google search results used to show some of the tweets but post deal, Google search results will show full stream of tweets from Twitter. Search results will also show the tweets immediately after they are posted on Twitter.

2.Google will provide better information to its users: Many Tweets include rich information about certain topics. These tweets contain great and time-sensitive content and information along with updates which many people are looking out for. These tweets can be rich visually and in content. Because of this deal, Google can raise its platform to the next level by letting users view the exact information included in the tweets that they are searching for.

3.Twitter gets more traffic: It is obvious even to Twitter that including its tweets in Google search can attract more traffic to its website as Google is in the front seat when it comes to search engines. This partnership will make Twitter’s valuable content in the tweets appear before the Google visitors which may even induce these visitors to become new twitter users.

No specific search tool around Twitter’s information: Back in 2009 when these two internet giants were in a similar deal, Google specially built a service by the name Google real time search. It revolved around Twitter’s information and Tweets but when the deal was dissolved, Google real time died with it. As per ” Marketingland and its sources, this time there won’t be any specific search tool created for Twitter. Both these companies would like to keep things simple as all the information as it is will be included in Google search results. Instead users can take help of Twitter Advanced Search.

4.Bad news for Google+ : Google real time search collapsed after the previous Google Twitter deal came to an end in 2011. That is when Google came up with Google+ which would help users to place their content and business effectively in organic search. It helped viewers to find the information and content in Google search. Google+ is a social network platform which many marketers make use for their business promotions because of its decent visibility in organic search. Now this newly revived deal might sideline Google+ and make way for Twitter content and twitter promotions. This is what some of the users had to say.

These are some of the outcomes of the Google-Twitter deal you can expect. Whether good or bad, that is your perception and opinion to make about this deal. We feel that this deal is more beneficial to Twitter. They will be attracting more and new viewers on their website. Also, the number of signups on Twitter will increase which will directly add to its value.

Do you think Twitter and Google will be the same now after this unification? Post your comments and opinions in the box below.