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Exam tips: Study time is almost over; it’s time for a few tips to get you even better results

April 28, 2015

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I know you are stressed out and everything seems to be falling out of place. It’s your exam in 2 days and nobody seems to understand you. But relax, stop stressing so much. It’s only an exam and you have been giving plenty of exams. Don’t worry you’ll do just fine. If stressing helped well I would have never written this blog I would probably be the president of the world or something! So follow these quick tips and you’ll perform exceptionally well.

Things to do a day before or on the day of the exam:

1: Go to sleep early or well in time so that you relax your body and give it sufficient rest.

2: Drink plenty of water and eat healthy food including almonds and fruits. Carry a bottle of water to the examination centre.

3: Set an alarm that gets you a good hour before time for everything. You never know what may go wrong. Keep time in your hands.

4: Recheck the venue of your exam and get the direction and the way to get there. It’s better if you actually time yourself a week before the exam on how much time does it take to get you there.

5: Gather all the stationery you need, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. Make sure the calculators you use are approved by the examination certifications.

6: Carry a watch; make sure you time yourself accordingly.

7: Carry your id and your admit card. Put all these things in your bag the night before the exam.

8: Don’t consume alcohol or caffeine containing products a night before or on the day of the exams.

9: Use the washroom before entering the examination hall.

10: Do not leave the examination hall before the maximum time runs out. Even if you can’t recall anything sit there and try to remember because each mark counts.

11: If you have any doubts about anything don’t be afraid to ask the examiner/invigilator. (Don’t ask them for the answer)

12: Don’t waste too much time on something you can’t answer. Answer the questions you know and you can always come back to the ones you don’t.

13: The first thing to do when you get the answer booklet is to write down your name or unique id number or whatever is required to identify the paper as yours. I know it’s something that shouldn’t be mentioned but many people forget.

14: Wear something comfortable and put out your clothes so that in the morning you don’t waste time dressing up for the opera!

15: Don’t stress yourself, calm down take a deep breath and begin the examination. All the best!

Here’s a checklist tick in,see what you are missing!

ID Card

Admit Card


Water Bottle




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