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How Long is The CFA Course

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA course) is one of the most in-demand finance credentials, with rich career options. A candidate must pass all three levels of the CFA Program — Level I CFA, Level II CFA, and Level III CFA – to be certified as a Chartered Financial Analyst. The duration of the CFA course depends on the candidate’s preparation, but it typically takes two to four years to finish all three levels with proper training and determination. To complete the CFA certification course in a specific duration, the candidate must be dedicated when studying for the exam and devote appropriate time to studying. The CFA course syllabus is categorized into three levels, each of which is focused on a wide variety of fields such as accounting, economics, ethics, and money management. As you proceed through the levels, the difficulty increases. At all three levels, the CFA course syllabus includes ten primary subjects that are studied in depth.

What should I do after graduation, CFA or MBA (finance)?

  • What to do after you have completed your graduation is the most common question that haunts all newly graduated students. 
  • Just completing your graduation is not enough these days in this competitive industry, so graduates from the commerce stream who want to make a career in Finance either go for an MBA in finance or a professional certification course. 
  • If you are looking to pursue a career in finance, there are a lot of certification courses that you can opt for if you don’t want to pursue an MBA. 
  • With an MBA in finance, you can work in different fields such as taxation, tax planning, financial statement reporting and analysis, hedge fund management, international finance, etc. 
  • But if you are looking for more in-depth knowledge about a particular subject, you can pursue specific courses such as FRM i.e. Financial Risk Management. CFA is a financial analyst course and after completing this course you will get the designation of a Chartered Financial Analyst, which is offered by the CFA Institute.

What Should I Do After Graduation, CFA or MBA?

Which course should I pursue if I want to take CFA exams?

  • You can pursue the CFA course with your graduation. Some of the best graduation courses that can be done with CFA are BCOM, BAF, BBI, or an MBA in finance. 
  • To be eligible for the CFA exam, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree or a similar degree from a recognized university, as well as four years of relevant professional experience in the field of finance. 
  • The CFA level 1 exam is also open to final-year students. The candidate must first pass level I, after which they will be eligible to take level II.

Which Course Should I Pursue if I Want to Take CFA Exams?

Is CFA worth it, especially in India? Why or why not?

  • Yes, CFA is worth it everywhere in India and also globally. Since this course is offered by the CFA Institute in the United States, it is internationally recognized and presents the candidates with a variety of career opportunities. 
  • One of the most sought-after certifications in the finance sector is the CFA. It is a highly recognized designation among finance professionals. 
  • CFA broadens horizons because it teaches everything about finance, including topics like fixed income, derivatives, and corporate finance. 
  • An additional qualification adds prestige to the candidate’s resume and opens doors to a world of diverse chances. 
  • The CFA Institute, which has nine offices across the world and 156 local member organizations, awards the CFA designation. 
  • CFAs apply their professional knowledge and abilities in a variety of companies and businesses. 
  • CFAs are regarded for their roles and duties in every aspect of the financial world in India, hence their reach is broad and it is worth doing the CFA course.

Is CFA Really Worth it, Especially in India?

How to apply for CFA

  • The first step towards applying for the CFA course is to check whether you are eligible for the exam or not. 
  • If you are eligible, you can apply for this course directly because it does not require an entrance exam, but the CFA certification is only given after all three levels have been completed. 
  • The candidate must create an account on the CFA Institute’s website, pay a one-time enrolment fee in addition to the exam price to be registered. 
  • The exam cost must be paid before the specified deadline. 
  • If the candidate wants to reschedule their CFA course exam, there is an additional rescheduling fee that the candidate has to pay.

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