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If you are an aspiring business analyst, then I am sure that you’d be searching on Google for the answer and by the end of this article I assure you that you’ll definitely get that answer. Well becoming a business analyst is no rocket science, just follow the simple steps mentioned below and you’ll be ready to take up the role of a Business Analyst in any reputable company.

how  to become a business analyst

Know what you are getting into

Getting into business analytics only because you read good things about it or because your friend is into it won’t help. Research about it, know what will be your roles, responsibilities and salary as a Business Analyst and if you are convinced then move to the next step. Many times people take up business analytics and after reaching the halfway, they realize that this not what they were looking for; So you don’t commit the similar mistake. You can find out about business analytics by:

  • Reading Business Analytics blogs
  • Reading books on business analytics
  • Talking to someone who is already in this field
  • Talking to a course counselor

This will not only help you to make the correct decision but will also enhance your knowledge about analytics.

See if you are the right candidate for analytics field

After being sure that business analytics is the right choice for you, you’ll have to see if you are the right candidate for business analytics. There is no major eligibility criterion that you must pass to become a business analyst but small things that will help you to find whether you are the right candidate for analytics are:

  • You belong to Finance/Marketing/Economics/Statistics/IT/Computer Science/Mathematics field
  • You have basic knowledge about Mathematics
  • You have good Analytical Skills or are an analytical thinker
  • You love working on data and are comfortable working with people as well

If you can connect with all or most of the above mentioned points then you are the right candidate for having a career in business analytics.

Take up a Business Analytics Course

To develop the analytical skills, it is imperative to get trained in business analytics. Good training means increased chances of getting a good job in a good company. If you are a working professional and cannot spare time for the classroom training, then try search for institutions that provide online courses. Before taking up the course just check the following:

  • Research about the good institutes that provide business analytics training
  • Check their course curriculum and see if it matches your expectations
  • Check what value the certificate holds
  • Check if any placement assistance is provided
  • Check the reviews

If you are happy with all the above mentioned points of a particular institute then don’t wait more and start with your training right away.

Time to find your dream job

business analyst job

After completing all the above mentioned steps comes the crucial one that is finding the right job. According to a survey by LinkedIn 5 of the top 25 hottest skills that people got hired for in 2014 were related to Business Analytics and the numbers have only increased. So, if you see there is no dearth of opportunities in the analytics field, you just have to search a little harder for your dream job.

Once again you’ll have to do a lot of research work. Check the websites of the companies that you are interested to work for. These days most of the websites have a career page where you can find about the vacancies and the contact person. Try to contact them through mail and phone and see if you fit anywhere in their organization.

One other important step is to create an effective LinkedIn profile as many recruiters search for the right candidate through LinkedIn. You too can search for the HRs of the companies and connect with them but before that just make sure that your profile is complete and it highlights all your achievements.
If you are going for an interview for the job of business analyst, you can check the commonly as questions and their answers.

So these are the four steps that will surely help you in becoming a successful Business Analyst. As mentioned above, if you are looking for Business Analytics Training , you can always take up the course offered by EduPristine as it will provide you with best training with practical approach.