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How to Become a CMA After 12th

CMA is one of the few courses that can be pursued after 10+2 I.e. 12th class. You will find all the necessary details below on how to pursue CMA after the 12th.

What is the CMA Course

  • The US CMA course is a certification course in management accounting that is globally recognized and is the most sought-after credential. 
  • The US CMA course is considered to be the highest level of certification in management accounting. 
  • The majority of the people don’t know the CMA course full form, which is Certified Management Accountant. This certification is awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA
  • The CMA course will make a huge impact on the candidate’s career and help them with better opportunities in the future with more incentives.

What is Management Accounting?

  • Management Accounting helps in making short-term and long-term goals. It’s a process through which decisions are made and goals are pursued. 
  • It also plays a vital role in forecasting the cash flow, it helps in the creation of a budget so that the revenue is not affected. 
  • Management accounting is helpful for businesses in achieving their objectives by measuring, analyzing, or communicating information to the managers. 
  • By using analytical techniques, management accounting helps in reporting how much of the target was achieved and the predictions based around it, including the goals. 
  • Some of the roles that a candidate can pursue after completing their CMA course are a Finance Manager, Financial Analyst, Financial Risk Manager, Cost Accountant, etc. 
  • CMA is a growing profession, so the career scope is wide with fewer limitations.

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CMA course after 12th

  • There is no specific criteria to give the CMA course exam and any student can apply. Even though this course can be pursued after the 12th, there are a few important criteria that need to be met to obtain the CMA certification.
  • The candidate should be an active member of IMAif they want to appear for the exam and use the CMA designation. 
  • The candidate should be pursuing a Bachelor’s or any equivalent education. To get the CMA certification, the candidate should have completed their Bachelor’s.
  • A candidate has 3 years to clear both the exams from the date of registration. If done with focus and dedication, both parts of the exam can be cleared within 6-12months. 
  • To use the CMA designation and obtain the certification, the candidate should have relevant work experience of a minimum of 2 years.
  • The candidate has a total of 7 years to obtain the certificate, which means that the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree, should have cleared the ethics exam, cleared both the parts of the CMA exam, gain relevant work experience and have an active IMA membership within the period.

Benefits of US CMA Certification

How to register for the CMA exam?

  • CMA is one of the few courses for which a candidate can register after the 12th. The registration process is simple.
  • The candidate needs to register themselves on the IMA official site and pay the membership fee and CMA entrance fee together.

The IMA membership has to be renewed every year. After paying this, the candidate needs to complete both parts of the CMA exam within 3 years. If the candidate fails to clear both the exams within 3 years, any passed exam will expire, and the CMA entrance fee has to be paid again.

After the IMA registration process and the CMA entrance fee is paid, the candidate needs to pay the CMA course exam fee. The CMA exam fee is what the candidate has to pay to appear for either part of the exam. Part 1 and Part 2 fee has to be paid before the respective exam is taken.

Once the payment is done for the exam, that the candidate wants to appear for, they receive a special authorization unique code via email. This authorization email is sent by IMA and has a unique code and a link to the Prometric site. At the Prometric website, the candidate can schedule the exam by using the code. The part 1 and 2 exam has three testing windows which are

  • January/ February
  • May/ June
  • September/ October

The candidate can appear for the exam at their own convenience at the Prometric website. The candidate can appear for both parts of the exam within 6-12months, and if they have cleared part 1 on the first try, they can directly sit for part 2. There is no sequence that the candidates have to follow to give the exam, if they wish they can sit for part 2 first and then part 1. After clearing both the exams, the candidate can apply for their CMA certificate. There are eligibility criteria that have to be met to receive the certificate. 

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