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Old were those days when we used to hunt for leads and customers on Twitter with just 140 characters text and photos. Now let the customers get hunted themselves with Twitter Cards. All you got to do is choose the right Twitter cards and VOILA! You just won a Royal Flush in Marketing. All geared up to play the cards? Let your Business roll and enjoy successful Marketing.

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Twitter Card Types


These cards are best for the brands that have a mobile application which they want the users to download from app store. The card comes with space for title, description and icon. It also allows brands to highlight certain aspects of the app which they want the users to know.


Photo cards uses one single image that you want people to focus on along with your tweet. They can even be linked through to any other image sharing site such as photobucket. Photo cards are best for the campaigns which are visual based as they give the users a visually rich photo experience.


Gallery cards are similar to photo cards, only difference is that gallery cards are nice and roomy with a space to hold four photos. This card is very useful if you want to show off a product gallery or certain images hosted on your website. It gives user an idea as to what they can expect from your website or product.


Lead generation cards are best for gathering email addresses and creating a database of Good leads which you can use for future and wider campaigns. The beauty of this card is that it is designed to encourage a twitter user to submit their details only if the user is interested hence giving you the best leads possible.

5.  PLAYER CARD×803.png

Player cards are useful if you want to share music or a video as a part of your twitter ad campaign. This card is probably the best Twitter card as the videos and audio files encourages the user to view your tweets and ad campaigns. Entertain and attract your Tweeter ad campaign target audience with this card.


Project cards are of best use if you want to show off your product on twitter. Product cards provide enough space for a photo, description of the product in about 200 words which can be mentioned in it, important details about the products and even space to include its price and availability of the stock. A simple click on this card will take the interested Twitter users to your website where they can learn about your products and even become your customers.


summary cards are made for web content. These cards give users an idea of the web content you’re linking with the Tweet, before they’re able to click through right in-feed. They include a title, description, thumbnail image and a direct link to your content. These cards are best for blog posts, articles and any other web page you really like.

8.  WEBSITE CARD×258.jpg

Website cards help in directing users to your website thus increasing your website’s incoming traffic. These cards are designed to make sure they stand out in user’s Twitter streams, thus they don’t go unnoticed. This card provides space for a horizontal image, for any text you would like to add and a link to your site. You just have to create this card in the in the Twitter ads portal and include the link in any tweet you want to.

How to use Twitter cards

The steps for using Twitter cards are given below:

Step 1 – Login to your Twitter account.

Step 2 – Click on the setting icon and select “Twitter Ads”

Step 3 – Click on “Create new Campaign” and select the objective of the campaign as per requirement. For e.g Select “Leads on Twitter”.

Step 4 – Fill in the required details in the boxes given as per your campaign requirement. Mention a name for the campaign, when do want to start.

Step 5 – Then proceed to the Creative section and mention your tweets, add image and details in the Lead Generation Card. Mention call to action for e.g sign up now

Step 6 – Go to the Targeting section and select the geographic location, gender, language and device, platforms and carriers as per your campaign’s objective.

Step 7 – If you have planned any budget for your campaign then you have the option of setting maximum daily and maximum bid per lead depending on your campaign.

Step 8 – After entering all the details about your campaign, you click on save campaign.Congratulations, You have successfully created your own campaign.

This is everything you need to know about Twitter Cards.There is a saying, “Reap as you sow”, Put these cards to use perfectly and sow the traffic and leads to your business. Start making your Twitter cards and learn more about them while doing so.We hope this article would have helped you in learning about twitter cards. Do comment on how find it and let us know incase of any doubts or queries and we will be happy to attend to them.