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Businesses are growing and so is the data generated day by day, but the question is how much of the data has actually helped your business to grow? Information is available everywhere but utilizing that information is what matters and that is where Business Analytics come in the picture. Business analytics helps you to extract useful information out of millions of bytes within minutes. And this is the same reason why IIM (Indian Institute of Management)Calcutta, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)Kharagpur and ISI (Indian Statistical Institute)Kolkata together have introduced a two year Business Analytics Program.

Building a career in Business Analytics

There is a growing requirement for business analytics professionals in the industry. According to the research by LinkedIn, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining skills (part of business analytics) ranked number 1 in the list of 25 hottest skills of 2014 on LinkedIn. Infact rank no 2 (Storage Systems and Management), 12 (Data Presentation), 18 (Business Intelligence) and 19 (Data Engineering and Data Warehousing) are also a part of Business Analytics. We can assure you that in 2015 the numbers will only grow.

25 hottest skill of 2014 on LinkedIn

If you are taking up Business Analytics then following are some of the roles that you might be performing in your organization.

• Data Analyst

• Business Analyst

• Financial Analyst

• Marketing Analytics Manager

• Pricing Analyst

• Supply Chain Analyst

• Website Analyst

• Fraud Analyst

• Retail Sales Analyst

• Clinical Analyst

These are not the only opportunities; the use business analytics is widespread in all the industries. Whether you are working in the field of IT, Banking, Insurance, Human Resource or any other, there will always be requirement for Business analytics.

Are you the right candidate for Business Analytics?

Business Analytics sounds interesting but will it be a right career choice for me??? We know that even you have similar kind of doubts in your mind and therefore we bring to you some points that will help you to know if you are the candidate for a Business Analytics Course

• You belong to Finance/Marketing/Economics/Statistics/IT/Computer Science/Mathematics field

• You have basic knowledge about Mathematics

• You have good Analytical Skills

• You love working on data

If your answer was yes for all the above points then congratulations you are eligible for making it big in the field of Business Analytics.

Why EduPristine?

Now that you have decided to take up a career in Business Analytics, we shall give you some reasons to take up Business Analytics course from EduPristine.

• Not everyone can spare two years to learn business analytics and therefore we offer a program that will make you a pro in business analytics in just 10 days of classroom training.

• If you are a working professional, then you don’t have to worry about your job since the lectures are conducted on weekends

• In this 10 days workshop you will be interpreting the data, working on real life case studies, working on assignments and projects that will give you some practical experience.

• We are sure that you are convinced by now and if you still have doubts then click here to learn more.