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Why Facebook Marketing?

Where do you think most of your potential customers are hiding? If you know the answer then you are doing good, if not then the answer lies in this article. Maximum Social engagement is seen and experienced on this Mr. Zuckerberg’s creation. In this article you will learn What, How and Why Facebook plays an important role when it comes to marketing your business on Social Media Platform. We are sure you want to know.


As you can see in the above infographic, the monthly active users have grown globally from 1,056 million in the last quarter of 2012 to 1,228 million in the last quarter of 2013 and further it has grown to 1,393 million in last quarter of 2014. Numbers speak for themselves, don’t they?

Facebook as one top the biggest social networking platform is rapidly gaining on Myspace in terms of total users and traffic. With more people exploring social networking sites, Facebook has become one of the prime online source for marketing your business. People learn more about products, organizations, artists and world events through it. By creating Facebook business pages, it offers a distinctive marketing opportunity for businesses. Facebook pages can be created and promoted easily. Learn how to create a facebook page and promote it.

Benefits to your Business by Using Facebook as a Social Media Marketing tool

  • Facebook pages enables to create a dialogue or interaction between users/customers and brands. It gives an opening to the companies to build and maintain relations with customers, whether new or current

  • When it comes to marketing of your business, Feedback from the customer is of vital importance. It helps you to understand what are the customer’s expectations and their buying behavior. This in turn helps you to market you business in a perfect way. Facebook allows users/consumers to post their feedbacks on the products directly. It helps the business to attract more attention. It also gives your company an opportunity to respond

  • As your Facebook business page grows its fan base, it helps in directing the traffic you get to your company website. Your Facebook business page also appears in the universal search results

  • Facebook provides brand exposure to a potentially new audience which then helps your business to position themselves in better and unique ways

  • Every time a Facebook user becomes a fan of your page, a notice is posted as news item which can be viewed by everyone on his friends list. It helps you business page to go viral on Facebook thus creating a base for acquiring new customers.

Why is Facebook Marketing important

Top five major advantages of Facebook marketing:

  1. Out of all the digital platforms which are available today, Facebook is the only platform that helps in targeting the audiences at every stage of the customer journey. It not only helps in targeting at the awareness stage but also helps to increase website traffic, app installs, and, lastly helps in enhancing store visits and conversions.
  2. Facebook also helps in psychographic targeting. It is not just targeting based on demographics and interest. The customers now can be targeted by a wide range of lifestyle characteristics such as hobbies, life events, behaviors, etc. This enhances the chances of targeting the right customers and ensures precision.
  3. Only not do Facebook helps in bringing traffic to the chosen website but also helps in keeping the existing audience engaged. No matter what the objective has been chosen, Facebook provides important secondary benefits such as growing the existing customer base and giving them something new to consider. It gives them another opportunity to check your profile more often.
  4. As we have discussed earlier, the platform of Facebook helps in keeping customers engages which eventually helps in developing brand loyalty. The stronger the connection, the higher chances of getting a conversion. This platform helps in a quick interaction which helps in customer satisfaction and ultimately leads to an increase in brand loyalty.
  5. The best thing about this platform is that nearly 80% of all the internet users spend maximum time on Facebook and even 65% of the adults above the age of 65 are on Facebook which makes them check their Facebook multiple times a day. Running ads on this platform frequently would lead to instant brand recall and ultimately pushes them to consider your brand and make a purchase.  Running ads on Facebook is also quite simple and gives instant results.


Facebook pages are more exhaustive than Twitter accounts. Facebook permits you to market your product with the help of images, videos, graphics, descriptions, and testimonials which other users and followers can view and comment for others to see. Facebook is the most
popular and prime Social Media Platform to advertise and market your business. 3 full proof techniques for Social Media Marketing .After all, it’s all about going viral on social media platforms.