What comes to your mind when you hear Twitter? Micro blogging? Social engagement? Entertainment? Yes, but above all these there is one more purpose which can be served by Twitter, “Marketing”. You might have been running from pillar to post for marketing your business but Twitter has the capability of bringing both pillar and post to you. As one of the most influential Social Media site alongside Facebook, Twitter too has its sweetness. Twitter Marketing consists of ingredients like Photo, Text, backlinks, Twitter cards and of course, Hashtags to marinate the entire recipe.

Almost 100million people use Twitter every day. With every single Twitter user adding to the network every time, the probability of getting customers for your business increases. What you offer i.e. your business or product to the customers or users is important but how you offer is the trick and what you get out of it is a treat. It is one of the best Social Media platforms to show off businesses, attract attention of users and carry out marketing functions on a global scale. All you have to do is provide an attractive description about your business, mention the link to your website/webpage and upload an awesome photo and Twitter followers and retweets will do the job for you.

Twitter followers are able to keep in touch with latest news and updates whereas Twitter retweets enable spreading of word about the same like a wild fire. All a person needs to do is, carefully plan and design the content to be twitted.

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Some of the important reasons why you should practice Twitter Marketing are mentioned below:

1.  Creating identity and awareness: Twitter enables you to stay in the loop on what people have to say about your company and business, directly or indirectly. Retweeting further spreads the word about your business thus making your presence felt globally along with your business. It gives you an opportunity to create awareness for your business.

2.  Building Links: Building reciprocal links is the most important part of twitter. The more your company/Business is mentioned, the higher page ratings you get which create its presence with major search engines. This helps your tweets to go viral and it earns you many links and unique page views. It helps in getting your tweets indexed with search engines like Google. Google has already entered into a deal with twitter to get its tweets indexed on Google’s search results.

3.  Going viral is easy: It is very important for your content to go viral on the internet in order to spread awareness and attract customers. While other Social Media platforms make this task difficult, Twitter steps in to make your content to go viral within a matter of seconds. This is where retweeting plays its role. When a follower retweets your content, it automatically gets updated on his page where this followers can view it and retweet again on their page. Easy and quick, isn’t it?

4.  Giving a face to your Business: Imagine your company having more than 1 account on twitter. You have created 5 Twitter accounts under the same company name and the users of those accounts are associated with you and your company e.g. employees, Managers, etc. Co-ordinating promotions and marketing functions among these accounts by staying connected can further do wonders for your business. It can develop a brand image of repute for your business.

5.  Twitter Advanced search: This feature of Twitter is what can make your business fly higher. Finding precise customers and leads, residing at precise locations, information of the people looking precisely for your product or Business can be obtained with the help of Twitter Advanced Search. It builds a connection between your business and the targeted customers. A Tutorial on how to use Twitter Advanced Search is given for your reference.

6.  Twitter Cards: Twitter Cards are something which make Twitter stand out from other Social Media Marketing sites. There are many Twitter cards you can choose from for different purposes depending on the objective of your Twitter Ad campaign. Objective of Twitter cards is that they make your tweets attractive and eye catching which makes the viewers hungry to know more about your business and product if used properly. These cards can accommodate images, videos, music, Product info, etc. These cards are the best in attracting users and influencing them to retweet your visually rich content.

To conclude, Twitter is the one of the most powerful platforms which you can use to create and maintain an excellent brand image of your business. Many people take Twitter marketing lightly but a person who understands its true potential can make gold out of sand.So when are you going to start Marketing on Twitter? Better late than never. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can sign up here.

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