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India- The Hottest Hub for Digital Marketing Jobs

November 19, 2014

Over 1.5 lakhs jobs are believed to be created in the next two years in the realm of digital marketing. With 205 million internet users present, India is slowly emerging as the next digital hub. As far as estimates are concerned, the availability of talent in digital marketing space is, however, not meeting the demand. Businesses are shifting their focus from just conventional marketing, and cashing on Digital marketing because they know, marketing on this platform will surely make them an important industry player. Below are some of the important jobs that every single brand is hiring today to make most of the digital age and why you should take up Digital Marketing Course in India.

Digital Marketing Manager

Not considering the level of respect and status a Digital Marketing Manager holds, the fact that the amount of creativity that goes is worth discussing. A Digital Manager is specialized in online marketing that includes lead generation, brand building and conversion. A Digital Manager will blend its technical and creative skills to effectively bring results for a company.
Duties Involved

  • Execution of SMS and Email campaigns
  • Handling Social Media Platforms
  • Integrating Search Engine Optimization in content used for blogging and Meta Tags
  • Effectively planning the budget involved in marketing.

SEO/ Social Media Manager

The SEO Manager plays a vital role in optimizing the content and strategically associating SEO according to industry trends.

Duties Involved:

  • Communicating with clients and implementing SEO strategy to meet goals.
  • Contributing to company blogs by performing keyword research and coordinating with creative team.
  • Evaluating search performance of the SEO programs

Search Engine marketing Specialist (SEM Specialist)-

The role of SEM specialist is to make sure that traffic is brought to website that meets a specific budget, in order to achieve maximum ROI.

Duties Involved:

  • An SEM Specialist develops keywords and manages Pay-per-click campaigns.
  • Tracking PPC and analyzing campaigns

Social Media Marketing Manager:

A Social Media Manager administers the content strategy and develops brand awareness across social media platforms.
Duties Involved:

  • Designing content strategy that matches the industry-standards.
  • Making sure to make creative content to generate leads and nurture them on a regular basis.
  • Creating visual content for social networking sites that involves images and video.
  • Measuring social media campaigns and analyzing its effectiveness.
  • Writing blog articles
  • Engaging customers and monitoring customers’ issues.

Email Marketing Specialist:

As easy it may seem, this job is definitely something that needs creative and communication skills. The job of an Email Marketer is to email leads or customers and ensure that no miscommunication is done. The quality, design, timing and replies given by the email marketer reflects a lot about a company, therefore, it is essential to hire someone who can take up this responsibility exceptionally well.

Duties Involved:

  • Create Emails and promoting brands.
  • Proofreading to ensure grammar and spellings in emails are correct
  • Follow up people who have reverted back.
  • Tracking and analyzing marketing campaigns.
  • Maintain database of emails
  • Performing SMS marketing with mobile-friendly messages.
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