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Your CFA exams have gotten over. All that stress has been let out on paper and now you are free. You can do whatever you want. Those sleepless nights, the struggle to cram all the data in your head, along with those annoying formulae’s has come to an end. You own the world in your own way. Here are some ways in which you can celebrate.

“The bed loving”

As the exams have finally ended you can throw yourself on the bed and no one can question you. Just snooze off, no one to disturb this sleeping beauty. Sleep like that’s the only thing you have to do. Sleep as much as you want to; spend some time with your pillow. It’s been a while that the bed, quilt and the pillow got some attention from you.

“The pizza vision”

It’s time you eat the best of the world, and what’s better than PIZZA?! Nothing! Pizza, your favourite movie or sitcom, slouching on your couch munching and munching till your stomach has reached its limit. The television is calling you; you can pop your eyes out now in front of the idiot box.

“The party animal”

Call up all your friends, or maybe go for a night out. You can party all night. You have earned it. Just go out with your buddies and chill. Just be yourself. Dance the night away, go crazy (just don’t get into trouble). Dress up, it’s been long since you gave some importance to your body. Make yourself feel special and own the night.

“The family outing”

Spend some time with your family, order some food and everyone can gather around and just have some good family time. Remember the old times or create some new memories. Play some indoor games that gets everyone’s spirits up!

“The Vacationer”

You can pack your bags and fly to any corner of the world. It is a well-deserved vacation. Find yourself a good place and just let go of yourself. You can let your guard down and ease out a little. Take a break and relax.

Lastly: “Your own way”