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This is an interview in a series of Interviews that EduPristine Careers would conduct. EduPristine would meet professionals/ students / other people, who have been successful in clearing FRM and get their views on how to succeed. EduPristine is hopeful that it would give the readers some insight into how to crack FRM and other certifications in finance.

Paramdeep Singh, a director with EduPristine Careers speaks to Gazal Sikand, who wants to build a career in Risk Management and Banking. Gazal is a fresh graduate from one of the best MBA schools in India and has prior work experience in Capital IQ, which is a subsidiary of S&P. She feels that background does play a role (But minor) in clearing FRM but working hard is the most important aspect. In her view point, there is no shortcut to success and working hard is the only way. Gazal is a graduate in Mathematics and has done his MBA from IMT Ghaziabad. Gazal secured Q1 in 4 out the 5 subjects in FRM.

Param: Tell me a brief about your background

Gazal: I am doing my MBA in Finance from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad. I am a graduate in Mathematics from St Stephens College, DU. I have 12 months of work experience in capital IQ (A division of S&P).

Param: Why did you give the FRM exam ?

Gazal: During my MBA, I developed interest for risk management and wanted to learn more about it. Also the current global economic scenario provided more insight into the topic, making a hot topic of the times.

Param: Do you think that background plays an important role in clearing FRM ?

Gazal: I think my learning during MBA helped me a lot.

Param: What has been your Mantra for success?

Gazal: Work very hard. Read as much as you can on the topic and there are no shortcuts.

Param: When did you start preparing?

Gazal: I started in July 2008.

Param: how much did you study?

Gazal: My prep was in parts as I was also doing my MBA. I think in all I studied for 2 months.

Param: What subjects did you concentrate on?

Gazal: Credit Risk, Operational Risk and Quant Market Risk was covered by me in my curriculum for MBA.

Param: What do you think is the best way to crack the subjects?


  1. Credit Risk: 2
  2. Market Risk: 1
  3. Operational Risk: 4
  4. Quantitative Analysis: 3
  5. Portfolio and Hedge Fund: 5

Param: What books did you study for the subjects?


  1. Credit Risk: Jorian & Schweser notes
  2. Market Risk: Hull
  3. Operational Risk: Jorian & Schweser note
  4. Quantitative Analysis: Jorian, Gujarati & Schweser notes
  5. Portfolio and Hedge Fund: Jorian & Schweser notes

Param: How best can EduPristine Careers be used for preparing for FRM?

Gazal: The coaching & tests given by EduPristine for each topic.

Param: What are your career plans after achieving the FRM certification ?

Gazal: I am currently going to work in the Risk Management division of Genpact. But I aim to be working for E&Y in their risk management division.

Param: Lastly, what did you do on the final day before the exam?

Gazal: Nothing..just wanted to get over with the paper!!

Param: Your Advice to FRM/ Finance aspirants:

Gazal: Its an amazing paper..give ur 200% to it.
Work very hard…
You cant pass this exam without studying or taking shortcuts..
Have to have all the concepts very clear in all subjects…concentrate on all subjs..

n All d best!

These FRM Interviews are presented by EduPristineCareers (Leader in FRM/ CFA®/ PRM/ FinanceTraining)

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