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This is an interview in a series of Interviews that EduPristine Careers would conduct. EduPristine would meet professionals/ students / other people, who have been successful in clearing FRM and get their views on how to succeed. EduPristine is hopeful that it would give the readers some insight into how to crack FRM and other certifications in finance.

Paramdeep Singh, a director with EduPristine Careers speaks to Rishi Daulatani, who wants to build a career in Risk Management and Banking. Rishi is a fresh graduate from one of the best MBA schools in India and has prior work experience in the field of Information technology. He feels that background does play a significant role in clearing FRM. In his view point, regular revision of subjects is the mantra to crack FRM. Rishi is an engineer by background and has done his MBA from IMT Ghaziabad.

Param: Tell me a brief about your background

Rishi: I am a Computer Engineer with 2 years of IT work-ex and currently pursuing my MBA (Finance) final year from IMT, Ghaziabad.

Param: Why did you give the FRM exam?

Rishi: Considering the engineering background and significant inclination for derivatives along with bright prospects for Risk management in the industry it was an easy choice to make.

Param: Do you think that background plays an important role in clearing FRM?

Rishi: Definitely background helps ease yr way to clearing FRM, like we had subjects in our course that were quite relevant to FRM and hence we had access to faculty at college also along with industry experts.

Param: What has been your Mantra for success?

Rishi: To clear FRM there is definitely no alternate to serious preparation, but giving proportional weightage to all sections is essential. Also knowledge about the industry especially to US economy was very helpful.

Param: When did you start preparing?

Rishi: We in fact had similar subjects in the course, hence our preparation had been started unknowingly, but as specific for FRM we started from August after we joined EduPristine careers which made us have a more focused and serious view regarding the certification.

Param: how much did you study?

Rishi: I had made it a point to study whatever course was being covered during the training at edupristine since the course is huge and we had to cope up with the faculty, later I ensured to study at least 2 hours a day to build some fundamentals on the same.

Param: What subjects did you concentrate on?

Rishi: Market Risk and Credit Risk

Param: What do you think is the best way to crack the subjects?

  1. Credit Risk
  2. Market Risk
  3. Operational risk
  4. Quantitative Analysis
  5. Portfolio & hedge Funds

Rishi: Obviously no section can be ignored, but one cannot afford to have a poor score in the important sections. Credit, Market and Quant require greater academic knowledge and hence take greater chunk of the time.

Param: What books did you study for the subjects?

  1. Credit Risk
  2. Market Risk
  3. Operational risk
  4. Quantitative Analysis
  5. Portfolio & hedge Funds

Rishi: For credit risk, the faculty at EduPristine was great. Besides that schweser notes and Jorion handbook were sufficient.

For Market risk we referred the same book on Derivatives Management by John C Hull along with Jorion.

Rest all the three sections were done through a mix of schweser notes and Jorion handbook

Param: Other reference Material that you used while studying?

Rishi: Not much but if there are topics that one is not able to grasp from schweser or Jorion we would suggest go through the reference books recommended by GARP for those topics. Each of those reference books and chapters is amazing.

Param: How best can EduPristine Careers be used for preparing for FRM?

Rishi: Before joining the batch, have a some background basic knowledge of the topic being taught, because it is not easy to teach the basics since the course is huge and the batch is a mix of industry professionals and other experts. So do read before u attend the class it is very essential. Also after attending the lectures on certain topics do read the same again and make your own notes so that u can recollect the same from the notes rather than going all over again from the same books.

Param: What are your career plans after achieving the FRM certification?

Rishi: Well, I would definitely be opting for a risk management profile, probably in credit risk. But looking at the current industry scenario nothing can be said for sure.
Lastly, What you do the final day before the exam?

Party hard !!!

Param: Lastly, what did you do on the final day before the exam?

Rishi: I studied, studied and studied and wished for more time to study.

Param: Your Advice to FRM/ Finance aspirants:

Rishi: Before enrolling for the certification, ensure that this is what u want to be into. For those who want to get into risk domain this is the best means of doing so. But it may also narrow down yr scope and may hinder your prospects into other domains of finance (For students and other candidates who want to switch their careers).

These FRM Interviews are presented by EduPristine (Leader in FRM/ CFA®/ PRM/ FinanceTraining)