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Is FRM difficult than CA

There is always doubt amongst candidates on which course is better, more difficult, more beneficial, etc, when it comes to comparing accounting and finance courses with CA. The mere fact that people fail to understand is that Chartered Accountant i.e. CA is a high-level accountancy course in India and is difficult. It is not easy to clear and get the CA certificate, that is why it is very prestigious. There are a lot of professional certification courses that a candidate can pursue if they are interested in getting into the world of accounting and finance. FRM is one of these courses, and the FRM course full form is Financial Risk Manager. To answer the question is FRM difficult than CA, the answer is No, FRM isn’t more difficult than CA. The CA test is tougher to pass when we consider the difficulty level. CA Foundation, CA IPCC, and CA Final are the three levels of the CA tests. The difficulty rises with each successive level. When the CA test syllabus is compared to the FRM course syllabus, it is clear how they differ. Both courses concentrate on distinct topics. The CA course focuses on seven areas that are organized into categories, whereas the FRM course covers and gives specialized training in financial risk management. The CA course covers a wider range of topics and is more specialized with an emphasis on Indian accounting. Because of the different syllabuses, the difficulty level of both these courses varies. The focus and dedication of a candidate determine the level of difficulty of each of these courses.

How important is the FRM course?

Financial risk management is a method of dealing with risks associated with financial markets. Financial risk management seeks to maximize returns on investments and profits for a given amount of time by identifying, measuring, and managing risk within the organization’s risk assets. It entails examining an organization’s financial risks and implementing management plans that are in line with organizational objectives and regulations. The most important role of an FRM at an organizational level includes reviewing processes or situations, identifying risk areas, and controlling the event, or taking measures to prevent risks. They develop crucial strategies and evaluate the company’s performance on a regular basis. The efficient use of resources is also one of the goals of risk management. The organization can decrease wastage, enable operations to run as planned, and fulfill targets at the projected cost and time by guaranteeing efficient use.

Is FRM a good career option?

Yes, FRM is a fantastic career choice. There are many hazards that an organization must confront as it becomes more industrialized and the economy grows. Here’s where risk managers come into play. A profession in risk management provides a world of possibilities. However, to have a successful profession, a candidate must have knowledge of all the possible dangers. The application of risk management tools and techniques to the investment management process is covered in the FRM course. The FRM certification opens up the door to lucrative employment opportunities in Risk Management, Trading, Structuring, and Modeling, among other fields. Chief Risk Officer, Senior Risk Analyst, Head of Operational Risk, Director, Investment Risk Manager, Credit Risk Manager, and more positions are available to FRM holders.

What is the scope of CA + FRM certification in India?

The scope of FRM and CA in India is vast and will boost your career. In India, there is always a need for CAs, and FRM is a bonus. FRM has a lot of potential if you wish to pursue or specialization in risk management. Furthermore, it allows you to work in areas such as Treasury, Compliance, and Risk Management. Both these courses will only help in the elevation of your career. You get the option to choose between a wide range of career roles if you have completed both certifications.

FRM Course Details

What is the FRM course and its eligibility?

FRM is a specialized professional course that focuses on financial and risk management topics. The Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA) administers the FRM course. For banking and finance professionals, it is a worldwide recognized professional qualification. Risk managers are in high demand in the financial industry, and it’s a profitable career path. The FRM course eligibility is quite standard. Candidates who pass both the parts and meet the job experience criteria in five years are awarded the FRM course certification. The FRM course enhances a candidate’s profile by providing credibility and validation as well as greater work opportunities. There is no minimum eligibility requirement to take the FRM exam. To receive the FRM certification from GARP, specific criteria must be completed, which is the candidate must have cleared both Part I and Part II exams of the FRM course, have a minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience and active fellow membership of GARP.

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