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Skills you need learn to get a Job after Graduation

job after graduation

Getting a good job depends on various factors like:

  • Your Qualification
  • Your knowledge on current affairs
  • The institution you have passed out from, etc.

We don’t realise the importance of our curriculum in school and college, we realise its importance when someone in personal or work life raises a question or doubt and you are unable to answer the same even though you might know it. Our study course in graduation gives us only theoretical knowledge but how much of practical knowledge do we learn? We look at graduation course as a mere form of a degree and how to pass the exam…professor ke last minute notes xerox karo aur exam mein paste karo. But the question is, Are we really learning anything? Are we adding value to ourselves? Do we get a chance to apply any of these concepts that we have learnt in our practical life?

Commerce Graduates v/s Others

If we benchmark fresh commerce graduates in the job market with students from other courses, the picture does not look very impressive. Say for instance out of 10 commerce graduates being interviewed for an accounting job only one gets shortlisted for a second round interview, this one student too can barely make it for the final job. This we compare with students from an MBA background out of 10, three get shortlisted and from these and at atleast one gets selected for the job. Why is this?

Commerce graduates lack the practical experience to deal with work scenarios; they lack the confidence in taking up challenging roles within an organisation. They may have knowledge in accounting but the same does not reflect in the work they take up. It is observed that several graduates compromise on the choice of work they want to do and end up either taking up a job in BPO or any other data entry job. Industry employ’s graduates to take up documentation and data entry jobs rather than an expert role within the organisation.

Students from MBA background may not have a strong theoretical background in accounting and taxation but they do have the confidence to take up challenging tasks within an organisation, hence they find it easier to find a job of their choice and skill. They have been taught to deal with practical aspects that could arise at work.

What Does a Commerce Graduate need?

If you agree to the above, you will also agree that graduates need some polishing to find a job of their choice.

  • They need practical insights of working in an organisation and understand the need of employers in the industry.
  • They need to know about the types of business processes involved in an organisation and
  • They need to build confidence within themselves to take up challenging roles within an organisation, these roles could be accounting or non-accounting.
  • They should be aware of job options available to him based on his/her interest.

Departmentalisation of processes and accounting roles is common in small, medium and large manufacturing and service industries. Departmentalisation of business operations ensures smooth functioning of the business, designates roles and responsibilities to individuals and ensures controls are implemented to mitigate key risks within an organisation. This has led to creating various job roles within an organisation. For instance various kinds of job roles exist in purchase department, sales department, accounting department, etc. which can be taken up depending on your skill sets, knowledge of the subject and personal interest in respective departments.

Skills for a Good Accounting Career

Commerce graduates should look at building following skill sets to explore growth in their career path:

  1. Need practical understanding of accounting concepts and its application
  2. Working knowledge in dealing with direct and indirect matters
  3. Need to know how to use accounting software tools such as Tally, Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  4. Understanding of the legal framework in which businesses operate
  5. Improved communication and soft skills

Commerce graduates after upgrading abovementioned skill sets can assure themselves to secure a competitive role within an accounting team. They can also pursue roles in other departments as their accounting background will help them grow in the organisation.

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Happy Learning 🙂