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Disclaimer: This is to clarify that Pristine has no economic interest in any job postings that are done at our website except for those being offered by Pristine. The job postings are for information purpose only and are aimed at participants who are pursuing studies in the area of finance. Any due diligence that has to be done by the company and by the candidate is to be done at their own end. Pristine would be, in no way, responsible for any false information provided by the company or the candidate.


We are a new management consulting firm focused on helping our clients making and executing effective decisions. Our service offerings include Strategy & Transformation Management, Investment & Acquisition Analysis, Governance, and Innovation and R&D Management. In the process of building the firm, we have already developed a great team of professionals that share common values:

  • Want to be the best at what they do and focused on EXECUTION
  • Passion for making organizations effective
  • Innovative and thought leaders in their field
  • Like to have fun and share the credit and benefits across the team

So, we are just not looking for a consultant that we task and churn out a deliverable. We are looking for a long term team member who wants to get to the next level and support us in doing so too. If this philosophy fits you, here is our current requirement.
The hired consultant will be responsible for acting in the capacity of Financial Analyst. In this role, the consultant will be responsible developing and executing an analysis, strategy, and management framework for Capital Investment Decisions. Specific Tasks include the following –

  • Thought leadership and Methodology Development
  • Model Development and Execution
  • Model Updates
  • Quality Assurance and Auditing

How to Apply

Send a mail to Varun ( with the copy of your resume.