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Job Opening: Career in Investment Banking

May 24, 2011

Job Role: Associate

About the company:

PWP assists PE funds in identifying the potential investee companies. The team works closely with the funds to understand their requirements in terms of risk/return, unique objectives, culture among others.

PWP on the other hand, works with the businesses who are looking to raise funds. PWP plays a key role during the preplacement phase in preparing the firms for the investment. This will primarily involve financial reengeering to make the firm Market oriented.

Nature of Job:

PWP is looking for associates who

  1. Are willing to take up the wider range of activity mentioned above
  2. Can do financial analysis of the companies, prepare analysis reports and facilitate two way communication
  3. Can do basic level industry analysis and release noted specific to the clients or generic in nature to cover the relevant industries


  • Needs to have cleared Level I CFA Program
  • Should have strong communication skills to converse with the boards
  • Willing to travel
  • Team player

Candidates who are looking to be a part of start up with a longer term in perspective will be preferred.

Whom to Contact:

Send a mail to Prasad – prasad at edupristine dot com. In case you are a student of EduPristine and a Level I CFA candidate, then we shall forward your resume to the right people.

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