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A career as a certified management professional can prove to be advantageous in terms of big rewards like better opportunities, big money and increased credibility. Opportunities after CMA qualification have gone beyond the traditional realm of management accounting. Below are some of the job roles that different types of organization are looking forward to hire. Are you the one? Then check these certified management accountant jobs out for yourself.


1. Finance Manager

A Finance Manager after management accounting certification becomes the powerhouse of operational decisions. In case you are up for engaging in forecasting, budgeting, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the financial industry whilst being a powerful communicator to be able to deal with clients and senior colleagues.

2. Financial Analyst

The job role is itself is quiet self-explanatory. All a financial analyst has to do is tracking financial status, preparing reports, analyzing results and giving recommendation that can improve overall productivity of a company. Career Opportunities for a Financial Analyst is vast, and in order to have a strong foothold in this career, confidence in taking decisions and research skills must be ingrained in you.

3. Financial Risk Management

A person who takes the plunge of analyzing threats beforehand so as to minimize risks is a finance risk manager. As you acquire this certified management professional position, you will have to predict changes with your analytical skills; apply strategic objectives and thereby formulate future trends for a company. If you are keen observer, plus have proficiency in mathematics, then this job role is made for you!

4. Financial Controller

In case you want to pursue this job role, you will be expected to be the lifeline of the finance department. Analyzing books, auditing, carrying out the administrative tasks, overseeing tax issues, formulating financial strategies are all the daily tasks that a Financial Controller has to undertake. To become Financial Controller, multi-tasking, analytical and communications skills are required.

5. Cost Accountant

If you have good business sense and a willingness to organize complex numerical reports in timely fashion, then do not bat an eyelid before this management accounting certification. A cos
t-accountant is expected to perform margin analysis and monitor cost information.

6. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFO is one of the most popular certified management accountant jobs as they have a major say in the company. CMA will give you the required education credential in finance and management for you to manage the financial performance of a company. Some skills like leadership, accounting, presentation and communication are of paramount importance when it comes to being a CFO.

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