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Since data complexity of companies is increasing exponentially, traditional system of storing enormous data has become obsolete. Right from storing to evaluating data, big data has come for aid in variety of applications. Hadoop software has become an integral part of many global MNC’s and has proved to be a panacea for all companies. Even small businesses are trying to monitor a slew of data sets to maintain their past search results, sales data, customer data, inventory data and click-throughs on websites, thereby, predicting future trends based on them.

Quick Big Facts

  • By 2015, Big Data is likely to create over 1.9 million jobs in the U.S.

  • In the next couple of years, India would need at least 1, 00,000 data scientists to fill the Big Data space

  • Compared to Philippines and China, India will be the most preferred destination to harbor analytics outsourcing

  • The annual salary of data analytics professional could be as high as Rs 6-9 lakhs or more depending on experience and skills.

Big Opportunities

Big Data has emerged as a mainstream subject that offers life-changing career options. If cracking Big Data is a passion in your life, then it’s time to carve a niche for yourself by obtaining the ‘Big Data and Hadoop Certification.’ Below we discuss the different positions that you can pursue after Big Data course. Read to know which career in big data you can trace and whether you fit the bill.

1. Chief Data Officer– A Chief Data Officer is responsible to make sure that all big strategies are implemented correctly, and maintain customer’s privacy and transparency. If you have the knack for making concrete decisions and an appetite to challenge obstacles, then do not waste time thinking to take up this career.

2. Big Data Scientists– Touted as the most sought-after jobs in the 21st century, big data science is definitely a job to look out for. Extensive range of skills is expected on the part of big data scientist like analyzing different data sources and delivering value-based solutions.

3. Big Data Analyst– A Big data analyst performs analysis on different data sets, as well as has data mining and data auditing skills. If you enjoy discovering and solving problems and have exceptional communication skills, then Big Data Analysis is the best option for you.

4. Big Data Solutions Architecture-A Big Data Solutions Architecture needs to have hands-on experience with Hadoop applications. You will be a key player in harnessing on new data technologies; while being well-versed in modeling principles that support data management.

5. Big Data Engineer-A Big Data Engineer designs big data solutions and builds large scale processing systems. You will be responsible for creating and researching latest software engineering tools that form the big data machine. You would need to possess big picture perception of whatever data solutions you design to become a successful Big Data Engineer.

6. Big Data Researcher– To enable new product and business opportunities, a Big Data Researcher needs to identify, investigate and implement new big data technologies using different methodologies. If you are keen on expanding your horizons with latest big data technologies and implementing them in your company, then this career is for you!

Big data is indeed a big deal, and an amazing career option for you to leapfrog others and gain a competitive advantage. So, are you ready to make an exceptional career move?

The Big Question

Big data is indeed a big deal! A career in big data will definitely help you to leapfrog others and gain a competitive advantage. So, go ahead, take up big data course from a recognized institution and be ready to make an exceptional career move.