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Jobs in Finance

March 15, 2014

Job Vacancy 1

Job Title: Investment Banking Analyst

Firm: Leading KPO

Location: Gurgaon

Job description:

  • Support Investment Bankers in the US on various financial and business research products, primarily:
  • Writing Company Profiles / Industry Reports
  • Comparable Company Analysis and Comparable Transaction Analysis
  • Business Information Services
  • Working on various applications and databases such as Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Thomson Research, Thomson One, Factiva etc
  • In-depth knowledge of financial instruments / terminologies
  • Proficient in MS Office – Prior experience in Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Regular interaction with the client to ensure efficient process management and effective client support
  • Work under strict timelines, ability to prioritize work and multi-task
  • Ensuring the completion of the assigned tasks within strict timelines with zero errors
  • Working on Critical Projects / Pilots
  • Work under high pressure and long hours

Other Skills / Capabilities: Analytical mindset, Good communication skills, Problem solving capabilities, Ability to work independently, Handling client communication, Attention to minute details

Experience Required: 0 – 2 Years

Qualification: PGCFR / CFA / Financial Modeling / CCRA

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 2

Job Title: Research Analyst

Firm: Leading KPO

Location: Mumbai

Job description:

  • This is a position where the individual will be responsible for managing a fast growing practice in the areas of valuation services and due diligence.
  • Such a person should possess a strong blend of analytical thinking and operations execution.
  • Analytical thinking is required to enable him / her to structure and guide variety of valuation assignments and also to manage the project internally.
  • To  ensure  smooth  execution  of  all  projects  and  business,  he  /she  will  need  to  possess excellent operations management capabilities.
  • Operational responsibility will include grooming talent and ensuring high scores on customer satisfaction surveys.
  • This role involves the responsibility of managing multiple clients across the world.

Functional Requirements: 

  • 2-5 years experience in Valuation services/ Equity research would be preferred
  • Top notch analytical and communication skills
  • Strong finance knowledge, valuation modelling capabilities and writing skills
  • Knowledge of DCF analysis and market approach for valuation
  • Self starter and highly motivated.

Soft & Behavioral Skills: 

Strong communication, presentation and problem solving skills
Self-starter, detail-oriented, motivated candidates who can work under strict deadlines

Experience Required – 2 – 5 years

Qualification Required:PGCFR/ CFA/ FRM/ Financial Modelling

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 3

Job Title:  Research Associate

Firm: Leading Financial Service Provider

Location: Ahmedabad

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsibility for covering research on Indian companies across sectors.
  • Conducting fundamental analysis of companies which involves annual report analysis, in-depth research of the company, competitive analysis as well as industry analysis.
  • Working in a team, lead by Senior Research Analyst. (Mumbai/Ahmedabad)
  • Any other related work assigned.

Education:– CFA / Financial Modeling

Experience Required: 0 – 2 Years

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 4

Job Title: Senior Analyst

Firm: A Leading KPO

Location: Mumbai

Key Objective

To perform financial research and analysis for leading global investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and research companies.

Position Objectives

  • Research analyst
  • Sound knowledge of Accounting concepts and understanding of financial statements
  • Ability to understand industry and company fundamentals and identify key catalysts, risks and outlook
  • Tracking portfolio of stocks, preparing financial models and company research across sectors like energy, mining, healthcare, industrials etc.
  • Performance report and outlook on major indices on BRIC nations  
  • Writing brief/detailed company reports on the basis of earnings, news, other announcements
  • Ability to work under time pressure and juggle priorities/ multi-task in quick work turnaround situations
  • Preferred to have experience in the Banking sector

Skills Required:

  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Excellent verbal and written English language communication skills
  • Extremely high level of attention to detail
  • Research-oriented and lateral-thinking mind set
  • Able to adhere to processes and also able to problem-solve creatively
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of and interest in general business and economic matters and terms

Qualification Required:

CFA Level I,II,III Candidate

Experienced Required

2-3 years of experience in an equity research/ financial research/ investment banking or other similar business environment,
Must be skilled in MS Word and Excel.

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 5

Job Title: Research Analyst.

Firm:  Leading Financial Service Provider

Location: Mumbai
Job Description:

  • Generating quality research ideas
  • Analyst will have to build models, maintain data. Updates will have to be prepared for companies under coverage.
  • Ensure timely and accurate dissemination of idea to strategists.
  • Keep up to date with current industry trends and trade publications.
  • Providing quality data and analysis is to make the research process more efficient and robust.
  • Work on sector presentations & reports, reviews, previews, daily news reports etc.

Skills required:

  • Great Attitude with Sincerity & able to handle things independently & meet deadlines
  • Should have good communications and writing skills.
  • Should be extremely conversant with MS Excel
  • Sound Knowledge of Economics & Financial Concepts 

Experience Required:  4-7 years

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

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