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    Job Vacancy 1

    Job Title:  Equity Research Analyst

    Firm: A Leading Financial Research Firm

    Location: Bangalore

    Job Description:

  • Building and updating financial models and carrying out valuations

  • Creating and updating databases

  • Preparing earnings reviews and previews

  • Providing initiation of coverage support, including building models, valuation, and writing reports

  • Collecting and analyzing news

  • Handling routine periodical updates

  • Handling client requests

  • Updating/creating marketing presentations

      Key Skills:

      The analyst should have

      • Excellent financial modeling and research report-writing skills

      • Experience in writing an initiation of coverage report

      • Numerical abilities


          • Building complex, error-free models with well-defined revenue/cost driver assumptions

          • Carrying out basic earnings sensitivity analysis

          • Providing own valuation views after carrying out both relative and DCF-based valuations

          • Writing skills


              • Writing in a logical and structured manner that requires minimal rework

                • Writing bulletins, one-page summaries, and sections of thematic reports/initiation reports in a crisp and punchy manner. Linking macro/industry analysis to the output


                    • Collecting news; summarizing and providing analysis that adds value; and preparing charts, tables, and databases

                      • Good client relationship management skills and communication skills

                          Work Experience:  2 – 7 years

                          Qualification Required: CFA / Financial Modeling

                          Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to placement@edupristine.co

                          Job Vacancy 2

                          Job Title: Financial Analyst

                          Firm: A Leading Financial Service Provider

                          Location: Mumbai

                          Job Description:

                          • Real Estate Portfolio Valuation of Retail, Commercial and Residential Properties

                          • Private Equity Funds Valuation

                          • Feasibility and Viability study of Real Estate projects

                          • Market study of Retail, Commercial and Residential Real Estate projects

                          • Preparing Valuation Reports and Financial Models

                          • Understanding tax structures and taxation on real estate

                                Desired Profile:

                                • Sound understanding of capital markets and equity research

                                • Knowledge in valuation and financial research methodologies

                                • DCF Modeling, Financial Modeling

                                • Excellent written and verbal communication

                                • Well versed with Excel Skills

                                • Well versed with knowledge of tax and auditing

                                      Work Experience:  0 – 1 Year

                                      Qualification Required: CFA / Financial Modelling with CA Fresher

                                      Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to placement@edupristine.com

                                      Job Vacancy 3

                                      Job Title: Risk Consultant

                                      Location: Mumbai

                                      Job Description:

                                      The candidate will be responsible for executing the projects at the client’s locations which will involve:

                                      • Performing reviews of the existing systems and processes

                                      • Understanding of the concept of internal controls and application of the same to various processes within a company

                                      • Data analysis

                                      • Interactions with the client

                                      • Discussion of observations with the client

                                      • Report-writing and presentation

                                          Desired Profile:

                                          The candidate should possess the following:

                                          • Have good communication skills

                                          • Be fluent in English

                                          • Have basic knowledge of computers and MS Office

                                          • Be a team player

                                          • Display time management skills

                                          • Willingness to travel

                                          • Keen to learn new things

                                              Work Experience:  0 – 3 Year

                                              Qualification Required: CFA / Financial Modelling

                                              Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to placement@edupristine.com

                                              Job Vacancy 4

                                              Job Title: Financial Research Analyst

                                              Firm: A Leading KPO

                                              Location: Gurgaon

                                              Job Description

                                              • Support Investment Bankers in the US on various financial and business research products, primarily:

                                                • Writing Company Profiles / Industry Reports

                                                • Comparable Company Analysis and Comparable Transaction Analysis

                                                • Business Information Services

                                                • Working on various applications and databases such as Capital IQ, Bloomberg, Thomson Research, Thomson One, Factiva etc

                                                • In-depth knowledge of financial instruments / terminologies

                                                • Proficient in MS Office – Prior experience in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

                                                • Regular interaction with the client to ensure efficient process management and effective client support

                                                • Work under strict timelines, ability to prioritize work and multi-task

                                                • Ensuring the completion of the assigned tasks within strict timelines with zero errors

                                                • Working on Critical Projects / Pilots

                                                • Work under high pressure and long hours

                                                • Other Skills / Capabilities: Analytical mindset, Good communication skills, Problem solving capabilities, Ability to work independently, Handling client communication, Attention to minute details

                                                    Candidate should have experience/ should have done internship in following.

                                                    • Comparative Analysis

                                                    • Company Comparable Analysis

                                                    • Relative Valuation

                                                        Experience: 0-1 Year relevant experience

                                                        Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to placement@edupristine.com

                                                        Job Vacancy 5

                                                        Job Title: Global Fund Analyst

                                                        Firm: A Leading KPO

                                                        Location: Mumbai

                                                        Duties would include

                                                        • Understanding, Analyzing and Tracking day to day

                                                        • Tracking corporate actions for funds.

                                                        • Calculation of TNA & NAV.

                                                        • Following QC steps to check and address variations in TNA.

                                                            JD / Skills Sets

                                                            • Good conceptual knowledge of mutual funds and the mutual fund industry.

                                                            • Good understandings of the markets movements.

                                                            • Good communication skills with excellent written and spoken English.

                                                            • Good skills with MS Excel & MS Word.

                                                            • Knowledge of Fund Accounting is a plus.

                                                            • Basic knowledge of VBA macros will be an added advantage for the candidate.

                                                                Experience required:

                                                                • 0 – 1 Years

                                                                    Qualification Required:

                                                                    • CFA / Financial Modelling

                                                                          Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to placement@edupristine.com

                                                                          1. Unilazer

                                                                          2. BlackRock

                                                                          3. ITDL Imagetec

                                                                          4. WNS

                                                                          5. Decimal Point