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Jobs in Finance

July 13, 2013

Disclaimer: This is to clarify that EduPristine has no economic interest in any job postings that are done at our website except for those being offered by EduPristine. The job postings are for information purpose only and are aimed at participants who are pursuing studies in the area of finance. Any due diligence that has to be done by the company and by the candidate is to be done at their own end. EduPristine would be, in no way, responsible for any false information provided by the company or the candidate.

Job Vacancy 1

Job Title: Research Analyst

Firm: A Leading Global Knowledge Service Provider

Location: Mumbai

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • This is a position where the individual will be responsible for managing a fast growing practice in the areas of valuation services and due diligence.
  • Such a person should possess a strong blend of analytical thinking and operations execution.
  • Analytical thinking is required to enable him / her to structure and guide variety of valuation assignments and also to manage the project internally.
  • To  ensure  smooth  execution  of  all  projects  and  business,  he  /she  will  need  to  possess excellent operations management capabilities.
  • Operational responsibility will include grooming talent and ensuring high scores on customer satisfaction surveys.
  • This role involves the responsibility of managing multiple clients across the world.

Candidate Profile:

  • CFA / Financial Modeling with MBA’s from top tier institutes.
  • Top notch analytical and communication skills
  • Strong finance knowledge, valuation modeling capabilities and writing skills
  • Knowledge of DCF analysis and market approach for valuation
  • Self starter and highly motivated.

Experienced Required:

  • 1-3 years experience in Valuation services/ Equity research would be preferred.

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Finance Jobs

Job Vacancy 2

Job Title: Analyst – Trade Finance

Firm: A Leading Financial Advisory Firm

Location: Delhi

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Managing Trade Finance operations for Buyer’s Credit & Supplier’s Credit
  • Co-ordination with different overseas Banks for execution of transactions.
  • Coordination with clients for sending LOU & bank related queries till disbursement of funds
  • Responsible for maintaining data and generating reports.
  • Build good relationship with existing clients in order to get strong referral network.

Candidate Profile:

  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills, awareness of market, negotiation, networking skills 2. Familiarity with current macroeconomic and industry trends
  • Awareness of UCPDC & ISBP guidelines
  • Awareness of RBI norms & regulations regarding Trade Finance

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 3

Job Title: Equity Research Analyst

Firm: A Leading Financial Service Provider

Location: Noida (NCR)

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To continuously keep track of activities affecting Indian and world economy involving fund inflows/outflows to emerging developed economies, which have a direct relationship with industrial/commercial activities and which affect their working and profitability.
  • The person should also have knowledge of commodity, different currencies and should be able to correlate these also to above
  • Preparing detailed financial models (including valuations), industry studies and company notes.
  • Providing quality data and analysis is to make the research process more efficient and robust.
  • Making regular presentations to the team on relevant topics/areas of expertise.
  • Must be able to analyze company results/balance sheets and should be able to draw projections.

Candidate profile:

  • Sound Knowledge of Economics & Financial Concepts.
  • An active team player, Self starter comfortable with dynamic situations. Working as Technical Equity Research Analyst.
  • Must be smart at communication. Must have knowledge of the financial markets and posses a strong passion for business news.
  • Must be bright, resourceful, determined, resilient and able to bring fresh ideas.
  • Multi-tasking and meeting deadlines are essential.


  • CFA / Financial Modelling

Experience Required: 1 – 4 Years

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Job Vacancy 4

Job Title: Research Analyst

Firm: A Leading Financial Research Firm

Location: Mumbai

Key Objective:

To perform financial research and analysis for leading global investment banks, private equity firms, hedge funds and research companies

Position Objectives and Expectations:

  • Research analyst
  • Sound knowledge of Accounting concepts and understanding of financial statements
  • Ability to understand industry and company fundamentals and identify key catalysts, risks and outlook
  • Assisting senior analysts in preparing financial models and in industry and company research across sectors like energy, mining, healthcare, industrials etc. 
  • Writing brief/detailed company reports on the basis of earnings, news, other announcements
  • Ability to work under time pressure and juggle priorities/ multi-task in quick work turnaround situations

Personal Success Characteristics:

  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Excellent verbal and written English language communication skills
  • Extremely high level of attention to detail
  • Research-oriented and lateral-thinking mind set
  • Able to adhere to processes and also able to problem-solve creatively
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of and interest in general business and economic matters and terms

Qualification Required:

  • CFA Level I, II candidate with 0 – 2 years of experience

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

Finance Jobs

Job Vacancy 5

Job Title: Research Analyst

Firm: A Leading Financial Research Firm

Location: Bangalore

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Carry out financial research on companies listed on global stock exchanges.
  • Research would be oriented in the domain of Islamic finance.
  • Research the websites of listed companies.
  • Get the Financial data for such companies analysed.
  • Research the financial information of such companies and extract information relevant to the research objective
  • Study the compliance of such companies in accordance with Shariah principles (Islamic law)
  • Have telephonic conversations with such companies to get data which aids in our research objectives
  • Should be oriented towards research activities.
  • Would be required to build data sets on a particular universe of companies independently by efficiently carrying out research using information available in the public domain.
  • Willing to possibly travel for carrying various specialized research projects

Job requirements:

  • Strong English language skills (Spoken and written)
  • Strong Financial statement analytical skills
  • General overall knowledge of financial markets
  • Well versed with the business ethics in the western world
  • Ability to gather and organize data
  • Excellent Ms Excel skills
  • Team player
  • Knowledge of working with Bloomberg will be an added advantage

Desired Candidate:

  • CFA  with 3 – 5 Years
  • Knowledge of French or a foreign language will be a big asset.

Interested Candidates should send their updated resume to

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