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Remember those days, where fidgeting with mouse and clicking it continuously was fun? However, in order to simplify data management and streamline daily tasks, using keyboard shortcuts is all that it takes. They say there are no shortcuts to success, but, using shortcuts in Excel has proved to increases one’s productivity and efficiency at studies and work, alike. There is nothing wrong in using shortcuts; in fact they are prudent form of work that will help you meet your demanding lifestyle. Speed is indeed the key to success.

Microsoft Excel offers an extensive range of options for performing commands through keyboard shortcuts. While working on excel especially for the purposes of financial modelling, shortcuts prove to be of immense advantage over mouse. Without the deep understanding of excel shortcuts we are forced to rely on the mouse which makes our work slower. Keyboard requires single command as compared to mouse that is notorious for wasting significant time and effort. To acquire an upper hand at work, you should know the secret language on your computer that is hidden under those short keys.

Why are they beneficial?

There are numerous reasons why you should reduce using mouse and start betting on using keyboard. The excel shortcuts help us in increasing our modelling productivity and hence saves our time and money. In financial modelling there are certain operations which are repeated very often. Therefore, using mouse becomes quite difficult and monotonous. Shortcuts provide ease of use as it is more convenient for us to punch in keys rather than aligning the mouse on screen.

Not only do keyword shortcuts help in saving your hands from strain of constant clicking, they also act as a lifeline to keep your computer running when your mouse goes down. Using a combination of shortcuts will save your time and help you reinforce your knowledge of excel skills. Before taking you through the complex shortcuts, we would like to introduce you with basic commands that are worth committing to memory which will make your life easier.

Shortcut #1 – “F6”

F6 helps you to navigate between your worksheet and control the ribbon at top of the screen. By hitting F6 with arrow keys you can make desired selections.

Shortcut #2 – “Ctrl” + “C”

Ctrl +C will allow you to copy the active cell and enable pasting it somewhere else in the workbook.

Shortcut #3 – “Ctrl” + “Z”

All it does is helping you to undo the work that you have done so that your work remain error-free.

Shortcut #4 – “Ctrl” + “Arrow Keys”

Holding the Ctrl key along with arrow keys for long will enable you to move to any given range of cells.

Shortcut #5 – “Ctrl” + “PageUp /Dwn”

Here is an excellent way to navigate between different worksheets in your workbook.

Shortcut #6 – “CTRL +”

The conventional way of adding is to right click and select “Add another Row”. However, this could be done in a much shorter span of time. The smarter way of performing the same operation is to use the shortcut “CTRL+”.

There are more shortcuts on Finmod Excel

To open a new workbook

To Insert a New Sheet

So hope next time you don’t have to hunt around in the toolbars to find specific commands that you need. Once we have command over the keyboard, everything will look simpler and easier.