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Here is an opportunity for you, if you are an MBA. We want to introduce you to Business Analytics for MBA, and let you know how it would help you gain an edge with your existing MBA qualification.

Business Analytics for MBA


“The world needs 1.5 million MBA holders with business analytics skills by 2018” – McKinsey


“Companies are looking for the 50,000-foot view — the strategic MBAs who takes an analytical approach.” –


MBAs are sought after for their ability to think critically, deal with ambiguity and solve complex problems. But due to the growing volume and velocity of data, today MBAs are expected to make quicker, and more accurate, and data-driven decisions to grow a business- which is only possible with knowledge of ANALYTICS.

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Reasons why learning Business Analyst for MBA:

No time for ERROR in Decision-making

You can’t afford to make a wrong decision when there’s a lot riding on the line. With analytics as your driving force, your business can chart a lucrative and truly sustainable course.

MBAs should have basic analytical skills

For MBA holders, specifically from Finance and Marketing backgrounds, having familiarity with basic analytics and statistics is a must. This can range from advanced knowledge of Excel to skills around tools like R and SAS, and Tableau.


We, at EduPristine, provide Business Analytics for MBA certified by Dun & Bradstreet, can help an MBA become a data-savvy manager in just 10 classes and make better decisions. If interested, we can set up a counseling session on call for you by our expert. Let’s set up a quick call about Business Analytics for MBA Program training.