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Lehman crisis, now Euro debt crisis, should you go for a career in finance?

June 2, 2010

A lot of people these days are skeptical about going for MBA, or career in finance, as economies worlwide are still on the process of recovering from US recession and now Euro debt crisis.

The Lehman crisis in 2008 had resulted in huge number of layoffs, and a lot of unemployment in markets. The worst affected domain was of course finance. Nonetheless the economies, with respect to number of employements, in Asia and Europe performed better than US. Post US recession, Euro debt crisis has taken its toll on economies worldwide.

Leading investment banks and other financial services firms have made their recruitment process more demanding and rigorous. The employers want best industry professionals, who can excel in their domains. Firms are looking for team players, leaders, good listeners, speakers, fast learners who can add value to their businesses. Apparently nowadays it’s not just true for finance domain, all industries engineering, IT, Telecom, give prime importance to these traits. In terms of qualification, a lot of importance is also given to candidates who are MBA’s, CA’s, CFA’s, FRM’s, who have thorough domain knowlege.

Post these crisis the industry looks in better shape than 2008. The number of jobs have increased consdierably in almost every domain. People have started enrolling for higher degrees like MBA’s, CFA, FRM, as compared to figure in ’08.

Among the industry disciplines even post MBA’s, finance is still seen as the leading choice amongst the graduates and CA’s where the most handsome and lucrative salaries are being offered.

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