Considering the global financial crisis, credit risk has long been a challenge for all financial institutions. As such, credit risk management has come into the spotlight to evaluate the credit worthiness of individuals and corporate bodies in order to minimize financial risks.

What is CCRA?

CCRATM (The Certified Credit Research Analyst) course is designed by highly qualified academics and practitioners for graduates or expert professionals looking to have an expert level of understanding of credit markets. Professionals secure a competitive edge and gain an added credibility after being recognized by CCRATM. With an introduction to basic tools of credit risk management, individuals can have a better understanding of credit risk and gain confidence to play a leadership role in whatever profession they choose.

Candidates wishing to occupy key positions in private banking, fixed income or credit ratings domain can pursue CCRATM, which is the only globally recognized certification in Credit Research in Asia by Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI). This analyst course duration is of about 4 months depending on the study time of candidates.

Need of a course like CCRA

The market is growing with the entry of various institutions & products, and so are the finance courses in India. Credit Research Analysts have always been in demand as they serve a critical function for financial institutions. A course in Credit Analysis stands as a true differentiator in this financial scenario, as well as proves to be sustainable competitive advantage.

To help students successfully manage a credit department, CCRATM assures them a high level of professional training. Designated members of CCRATM can earn respect of their senior management and peers through this finance training in India. This state-of-the-art credit management course is designed for every professional who want to endure the impact of the global credit crisis.

Following are the employers who are looking for CCRATM’s and a reason for you to know why finance courses like this is worth it.

CCRATM Course is associated with National Stock Exchange

National Stock Exchange, which played a critical role reforming the Indian securities market and elevating unparalleled transparency and integrity in the market, is associated with CCRATM course. NSE is the exam assessment partner for CCRATM under its Certification course in Financial Markets (NCFM) programmes. The exams and awards certification are conducted by National Stock Exchange, wherein, the study material is created by CARE ratings (exam partner of National Stock Exchange that focuses on the global scenario in credit risk management).

Who should do it?

  • Students/Candidates who wish to have a career in finance, accounting, statistics, business, financial credit rating research and economics can become a CCRATM student.
  • If you have a strong background in maths, economics and business concepts, and want to stand out from the competition then opt for this course.
  • Everyone who want to have a foundation in MBA. CCRATM combined MBA will yield more opportunities in the long run.
  • Graduates/Post Graduate students in Finance and Economics, Commerce Graduates, MBA’s/ PGDBM, ICWA Inter or Final Students, Inter/Accounting Technicians (and above) passed, CA / IPCC Students / CA Final Students, Banking Professionals can apply.

Why you should do it?

CCRATM exams are one of the most sought-after among analyst courses for everyone aspiring to have a great career after graduation. If you want to enter the field of bank loans, rating, strategy, and credit analysis, then nothing prepares you better than CCRATM course. The course deploys the most extensive suite of research and data to monitor credit analysis on companies and individual securities in the market. You will learn how to analyze comprehensive sets of financial data more efficiently as you pass out.

CCRATM will give you one-on-one access to industry-leading analysts, briefings and teleconferences. You will have access to in-depth reports that will help you manage credit risk of different companies and transactions effectively. CCRATM exam will doubtlessly help you gain deep expertise in credit analysis like no other courses offers in the world.

Jobs and Salary:

Below are some of the expected employment choices you can make as you pass CCRATM:
Credit Analysis ,Credit Ratings, Commercial and Retail Finance, Investment Banking, Private Equity, Private Banking, Banks, Economic Research, Portfolio Management, Fund Management, Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Bank Underwriter, Banker, Escrow Officer, Loan Officer and Mortgage Broker.

High salaries are always associated with Credit Risk Management jobs. According to, an average credit analyst earns between $34,000 and $57,000, which is indeed remarkable.

Thing to be noted: Certification in credit analysis jobs is an important part of the process. A candidate can command higher salary after having undergone the Certified Credit Research Analyst certification exam and have passed it.

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