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No, they don’t wear a cape, run faster than trains, shoot powerful beams from their eyes or do any that you would probably spot other superheroes doing in comic books or movies. However, one common ‘super quality’ in them is their ACCA qualification, which has indeed brought them ahead of the game.
ACCA’s global reputation has been built on the quality of its qualification and the members who have accomplished it, like, these three ACCA members, who have now reached the epitome of their careers. Read on to know more about their achievements, and the challenges they faced and how they have set an example for every ACCA aspirants with their hard work and dedication.

1) Ravindran Balakrishnan FCCA

This Superhero currently looks after all the India financial operations at the esteemed International SOS Pte ltd, which is recognized as the world’s leading medical logistics and evacuation organization with worldwide operations.

Although he has a single degree on his name, he enjoys numerous roles in his career. He is a Business Partner, wherein, he is the key sales and marketing planner, he is involved in financial planning and Budgetary Control; he directs the Fund Sourcing & Management team and finally heads the Accounts and Auditing department.

Being extremely excellent at maths in his early school days and after high school, he was certain of what he wanted to do, a career in accounting, rather than taking up other subjects, such as science or arts.

For Ravindran Balakrishnan FCCA, the initial stages for ACCA were not a smooth ride. Achieving the Designatory ACCA behind your name does take a lot of responsibility and persistence. Since he used to work and study simultaneously, he came across much time constraint.

He managed to overcome the obstacles by planning an effective time and study routine which helped him to comprehensively complete the modules well before the exams. He owes his success to his wife Latha, who has been a huge support for him. Soon, hard work outweighed all his problems and helped paved the way for him to clear all the examinations in the very first attempt.

His unwavering patience and hard work has helped him in achieving the world’s most acclaimed and sought-after qualification and accountant training. Having recognized by ACCA, Ravindran has got the opportunity to work in different countries which provided him a platform to channelize his skills and knowledge in the right way. He enjoys being a part of the talent pool for the finance community within his company and basks in the glory of his achievement and recognition that has distinguished him from the rest of his finance team.

2) Mehul Palan FCCA

This Superhero is a senior ACCA member with over 16 years of experience in various finance and business roles. He has worked in various industries including manufacturing, IT, construction supplies, retail and insurance broking sectors including 10 years of international exposure stint in Bahrain.

Having a full-time job at hand, a family to feed, along with the greatest challenge of studying for ACCA, left fewer time for Mehul Palan to perform the balancing act between work and family. All he could do was burn the midnight oil after office hours and during weekends. Eventually, his hard work, perseverance, and family support paid off and he inevitably cleared his exams in the first attempt itself.

A career in accountancy has not only fetched him with astounding opportunities, but also helped him grow as a person and a professional. He is an accounting professional for over 15 years and also heads the liability insurance department. The industry has surely embraced him with open arms and, today, he enjoys the best of both worlds.

He believes the ACCA Qualification has brought him host of benefits such as fulfilling career, respect amongst peers; opportunities from abroad and international recognition

3) Pramit Brahmbhatt, FCCA

Today, this Superhero leads the Indian operations of Alpari Group as CEO of Alpari Financial Services (India) Pvt. He has 8 years of extensive work experience in business development, and operations. Prior to joining Alpari, Pramit worked with Sherwoods (UK) as senior account and tax analyst and AP Smith & Co as senior accountant.

As he graduated from university with a degree in business management, it dawned upon him that he wanted a career in finance. In order to achieve success in the finance field, he realized that a strong knowledge of accountancy holds great importance.

Being a student expat, Pramit Brahmbhatt had all the adaptability issues to face. He used to work during the day and attend accounts classes in the evening or weekend. To overcome these challenges, all he did was setting up small targets and managing the time efficiently. A vision to achieve perfection and an optimist approach helped him to stay motivated. He not only strived for success, but also struggled to be of value.

He believes that gaining ACCA course was worth investing, as it has only increased the chances of progressing in his career.

Enroll for ACCA Qualification today, and, you too, can join the bandwagon of successful Accounting Superheroes and share the hall of fame with them.

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