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‘World is going Digital’ this is a statement that you must have heard atleast a hundred of times if not more and I am sure everyone is trying their best to get the most out of Digital Marketing but people forget that world is going mobile too. According to the recent research, mobile overtook the desktop internet usage in 2014.

Internet usage across all devices

So if you have still not allotted your budget for Mobile Marketing, start now or you mobile marketing plan had bombed the last time then below are some mistakes that must’ve made. Check them, learn from them and make a fresh new Mobile Marketing Plan.

7 Mobile Marketing Mistakes that should be avoided

Not having Mobile Friendly Website

It goes without saying that mobile friendly website is the basic necessity for anyone who wishes to get business through mobile marketing. But still you’ll find companies that are making this mistake, they invest good amount of money for mobile marketing but if you’ll see the landing pages are not optimized for mobiles, the navigation is poor and images too are not optimized. These all factors will affect your strategy badly.

Mobile Friendly website vs standard website

Ashley Cisneros, Co-founder of Chatter Buzz Media says, “One of the simplest, but common mistake, is not having a mobile-ready website. This not only affects your great digital presence, but it affects mobile SEO and digital marketing efforts as well. 
You could run a Facebook Ad on people’s phone but if the landing pages looks choppy or links don’t work, then what was all that effort for? 

Another mistake that companies make is resizing. Similarly to the website, mobile marketing has different sizes that look great for cell phones and iPad, but not much on computer screens and vice-versa. It’s important to have your graphics, colors, and copy legible for mobile.”

Not checking speed and functionality for different mobile screens

One size does not fit all so stop assuming that everyone is using same type of mobile phone. Plan for all types of screen sizes. Also, when it comes to loading time of your landing page, make sure that it is quick because the user is always impatient and will quit your page if it takes too much of time to load.

website speed

Gert Hattingh, Head of Digital Marketing at One Click Here says, “I often click ads on my mobile device and 90% of the time, the pages takes ages to load and once it does load, it’s filled with a bunch of videos that kills my data or navigation bar that’s unusable on a mobile device. 

My suggestion to other mobile marketers would be to test their landing pages’ loading speed and functionality on at least 5 different mobile screen sizes (Google Chrome has built in support for this).”

Not investing in social autofill

If your site requires some kind of login then make sure that you provide the user with the option of autofill as that makes the life of the user a little easy.

forgot password

Chris Lucas, VP of Marketing at FormStack says, “Many consumers struggle to remember the slew of logins and passwords required to function. Social autofill and has a lot of potential to improve the consumer experience . Not only does it reduce your customers’ time on site —it’s a sanity saver, too. According to consumer research firm Janrain, 64% of users who frequently leave sites due to forgotten login information say social login is an option companies should offer.”

Building an App but not promoting it

After putting a lot of money, effort and time in building an app, it’ll be a total waste if you don’t plan to promote it. While allocating budget, make sure you keep aside some amount for promotion of the app. There are millions of apps in Apple and Google app store so the only thing that makes a difference in success of an app is its promotion strategy.
Some techniques that you can use for promotion of your app are:

  • Promote your app on your mobile website
  • Have your app reviewed on app review sites
  • Promote your app on social media platforms
  • Use Social Media Advertising
  • Develop a video showing your app in action and promote it.

 Mobile App Marketing

Creating a complicated opt-in process like QR codes

Not everyone has a QR scanner in their smartphones and thus if your opt-in process requires to scan the QR code you will be losing out on a lot of audience. Yes, people can definitely install a QR scanner first but you’ll see a very few people with so much of patience level to take that extra step to participate in your campaign.

Say  no to QR Codes

Avoiding SMS Marketing

These days many people think of SMS marketing as an old practice but if you use the right strategy for SMS Marketing , then it can help your business in a great way especially the E-Commerce sites. Usually the text messages are within few minutes of their arrival and that way it can give you an edge over the emails. Mobile coupon redemption rate is much higher then the paper coupons. So don’t make the mistake of ignoring SMS marketing but use it wisely.

importance of SMS Marketing

Poor Call To Actions

Call to Action usually tells your audience about next step to be taken so if your CTA is poorly designed or is not visible your audience will probably not take that next step. So make your Call to Action button large enough for the person to easily tap on it. A Call to Action button between the size of 44 – 57 pixels is perfect size according to an article by Forbes. Along with the size make sure that the design and color of the CTAs are in line with your product or service. Below is an image that can help you with the color.

selecting color for CTA

So that were some of the common mistakes that mobile marketers often make. If you’ve come across any other mistakes apart from these do mention them in the comments box below.