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Modeling Historical Balance Sheet for Facebook

February 11, 2012

Hey.. Hope you guys are doing great. Facebook is doing great and I am loving it! Today we start modeling the Balance sheet of FB. As I told you in the last session it is simple – pick the numbers from the S1 filing!

Why Balance Sheet is called a Balance sheet?

As a Balance sheet is always Balanced! So what is balanced?? Your sources of funds (Liabilities) and the uses of funds (Assets) are equal and they balance the balance sheet.

Balance Sheet for Facebook

Model the B/S

If you have not already modeled the balance sheet, download this empty template and create the balance sheet on your own from the S1 data.

Next Steps

Tomorrow we release the filled B/S for you … and then we understand the linkage between P&L and B/S. Remember we are working on Saturdays and Sundays!! So stay tuned!!

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