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Modeling the Historical Profit and Loss of Facebook

February 10, 2012

I hope that you all enjoyed modeling the historical Profit and Loss of Facebook. Today’s post is a simple and quick post. It contains the filled P&L of Facebook, so that you can check your efforts for the past 2 days.

Where do I get the Profit and Loss data from the S1 filing?

If you go to the consolidated financial statements section, you would get the complete Profit and Loss for Facebook.

Facebook S1 Filing

How do I create the model then??

Most of the stuff (Revenue, Costs, etc.) just needs to be hardcoded in the P&L template. Some numbers like total revenue and incomes can be derived from the revenue and cost numbers.

Facebook Income Statement

Typically we would try to maintain a discipline hard coded numbers in blue, calculations in black.

So did you get it right?

I am sure if you tried hard, you would have got it right. If not, lets discuss the issues that you faced and start learning together!

Next Steps

Now that we have the historical P&L in place, we move forward and create the Balance Sheet. Creating the Balance Sheet is similar to creating the P&L as most of the numbers are hardcoded and a few are derived. In the meanwhile, why don’t you try to create it on your own? The data is with you in the S1 filing!

Till then ¦ Happing Facebooking¦ err… Modeling (Financial!!)

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