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The countdown has begun! ModelOff 2013 Round 1 will take place at 5:00pm New York time on Saturday October 26, 2013. This year, the total number of participants is approximately 2500 and the number of female participants has doubled to 19%! The total percentage of registrations includes 69% professionals and 31% students. These professionals include Analysts, Associates and Managers and 61% students are Post-Graduates. There are representations from 103 countries and 21% of the total number of registrations is from the US. It is also encouraging to note that India, Russia, Hong Kong and Brazil have the fastest growing number of participants! PwC has the largest representation among the “Big 4” implying 36% of the peer cohort. JP Morgan also has the largest representation among “Banking” Institutions. The largest group of students participating in ModelOff 2013 is from the London School of Business.

The rewards are staggering. Here is a list of what can you can achieve and win!

The prize pool for ModelOff will include cash, interviews with leading global Financial Institutions, product giveaways and more.

Prize categories include:

  • Financial Modeling World Champion 1st Place ($30,000)
  • Financial Modeling World Champion 2nd Place ($10,000)
  • Financial Modeling World Champion 3rd Place ($5,000)
  • Post Graduate Student Champion (i.e. Masters, Doctorial)
  • Undergraduate Student Champion (i.e. Bachelors)
  • Top 16 Finalists will be flown to New York for the Finals

As you can see, the very best are competing in this prestigious competition. So if you want to be a part of this group of competent professionals and students and reach the greatest heights, you only need to sign up and wait for wonders to unfold!