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myACCA is the personalised ACCA account provided by the ACCA body to all the students enrolled with them and gives customised information and services relevant to the qualification and level that a student is studying.

Step-by-step procedure of creating myACCA account

What is myACCA used for:

You can use myACCA to:

  • make changes to your contact and employment details
  • make secure payments for your annual subscription and exam fees using your credit or debit card
  • print receipts/invoices of your transactions
  • enter for exams, change your variant and access your exam attendance docket
  • change or cancel exams
  • register to receive your exam results online and/or view your results

Signing into myACCA account:

Here we will take you through step-by-step procedure of creating your myACCA account with the help of images:

Step – 1:

The entire process takes around 10 minutes for completion. Click on the “Get Started” icon to start the registration process.

myacca steps

Step – 2:

Once you click on “Get Started” icon, the following window will open. You will have to fill-in the relevant details about you as shown in the second image.

myacca steps
myacca steps

Step – 3:

You have to put in all details like your full name, email address, postal address and phone number. It is very important to put in all correct information as the ACCA body will use these details to communicate with you regarding any information related to the exam and the results. Please save the details before continuing on to the next page.

myacca steps

Step – 4:

Here, as you can see from the image, you have to select the qualification you want to study for and give the exam. For example, if you want to study for Foundations in Accountancy (FIA) and give the exam, then you need to select that as your qualification in this step.

myacca steps

Step – 5:

In Step 5, you have to upload an identification document which has your birthdate and name in the same format as mentioned by you in Step 2 such as driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, etc. If the surname does not match your identification, then the ACCA body will need either your marriage license or official notice of name change.

myacca steps

Step – 6:

You have to upload any documents related to the entry requirements for the qualification selected by you in Step – 4 if required.

myacca steps

Step – 7:

The next step is to register for the exam by paying up the registration fees to the ACCA institute. The usual fees is 79 pounds. However, Educational institutes like EduPristine who have tie-up with the ACCA institute are provided with a Registration Code which is a kind of a discount coupon.

In case you are a student of such an institute, you can ask for the Registration Code from the institute and put it in the relevant field (as shown in the image below) to avail the discount of almost 59 pounds. The registration fees after discount is only 20 pounds now as shown in the image 2 below. If you don’t avail the discount, i.e., if you are not a student of such an institute, then you have to pay the full fees of 79 pounds as shown in the image 3 below.


myacca steps
myacca steps


myacca steps


Step – 8:

The next step is to make the payment. Here, you can make the payment through credit card, PayPal or union pay.

myacca steps

Step – 9:

Once the payment has been made, you will receive a mail from the ACCA body with your login credentials. Please use the same to go on the following site – ACCA Login

and use the same to sign in to MyACCA account by creating your password for the first time and then log into your MyACCA account.

myacca steps

Step – 10:

Once you log into your myACCA account, this is how your ACCA dashboard will look like. Moreover, you can find all the information related to the exams, exam dates, results, your personal information, exam fees, etc here.

myacca steps

Step – 11:

Any announcement regarding your results can also be found in your myACCA account.

myacca steps

Keeping your contact details up-to-date:

As mentioned earlier, you can receive all communication, including exam results or register for the exam online through e-communication. Hence it is fast and very convenient for all the parties included. Also, You have to ensure that the ACCA body has your up-to-date email address and mobile number.

You can check and update your contact details online through myACCA. You can also let us know your new details by contacting ACCA Connect with your change of contact details.

If you change your name through deed poll, marriage or decree nisi, you will need to inform ACCA Connect immediately in writing. Please provide copies of your documentation either via email or in writing and send copies of the relevant certificates.

Thus if you are part of a Joint Examination Scheme (JES), you must remember to notify your JES of your change of contact details.

Preferred Methods of Communication:

The preferred method of communication of the ACCA body with you is through email and myACCA platform. However, ACCA reserves the right to issue all communications and documentation via myACCA and email only, so please ensure your contact details are kept up-to-date.

Communication through emails has become a crucial medium of conveyance since it serves as a record and is extremely helpful to track the communication thread between the students and the ACCA Institute authorities. Any request for support, or grievance, or any documentary formality, all have to be done either through the email or through the myACCA account. The myACCA account is a consolidated platform for all sorts of communication between the student and the institute. Students can find every detail related to their ACCA registration and ACCA exams in their myACCA account.

Registering and creating an account for an international course like ACCA needs professional guidance since International Institutes are quite strict with their rules and procedures. Any kind of error in the documents or details can lead to a long rectification process that is not just time consuming but also tedious and tiring. It is always advisable to contact professionals in the industry for registration and other course related formalities.

EduPristine provides guidance to students at every step right from registering for the ACCA course, preparing for the ACCA exams, booking ACCA exam slots to obtaining the ACCA certificate. For any queries related to What is myACCA, how to sign in to myACCA account, how to keep the contact details up-to-date, you can contact our career counsellors.