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Every business wants to be a huge success with maximum profit ratio. However, the main thing to understand is the ways in which your business can be profitable. With expenses and revenue coming and going every month, it is natural to lose track of the things that are going around with the help of some net profit formula business.

Nevertheless, there is no single metric that can regulate the business profitability. However, the accountant can try the net profit margin to obtain a perception of the success rate of the business.

net profit formula

Whether your business is product based or service based, you must calculate the net profit margin determined by the metric and review of the multiple factors.

There are two ways to find out the profit margins i.e.., gross profit margin and net profit margin. Both of them are used to figure out the facts and assumptions of the business. However, the net profit margin is the most essential evaluating technique for the more accurate results keeping business as a whole.

Net Profit Formula

In the net profit formula business, you don’t only focus on the selling price of the good or how many products are being sold. Instead, you focus on the overall revenue of the firm subtracted from the total cost of expenses. It is the remaining amount that is left with the company after paying for all the expenses.

Net Profit = Total Revenue – Taxes – Cost of Operations – Cost of expenses – Cost of goods sold

Net Profit Margin

Another net profit formula in tally used is to calculate the margin ration of the profit margin. The simple mean is to divide the net profit by the total revenue.

Net Profit Margin = Net Profit/Revenue

Through this, you can easily calculate the percentage net profit margin.

Importance Of Net Profit Margin

Now you know where the net profit margin is used. However, why you must use it might be the question surrounding you. Here are the few questions that can clear out the importance of net profit margin for a business.

  • The most important thing that a businessman much remember is that a single metric value can’t determine the growth of any business. The financial experts in a business that considers the net profit margin as the bottom line.
  • Not only this, but it is a great way to get an insight of financial stability of the business. Especially, if a person is a lender then it becomes extremely important to maintain a net profit margin that can easily access the evasion on a loan. The investors can make the important decision easily like whether it is profitable to invest in your business or not.
  • The thing about net profit margin is that it is a great way to measure the business productivity against the competitors. All you need to do is to compare your net profit margin with that of the patrician chart. And then you can see whether you are doing better from them or everything is for nothing.

In simple words, the net profit margin is a great way to see the profit and loss. This occur in a business and in a way you might get an idea of your next step.

Factors Affecting The Business

Irrespective of the type of business you have, there are certain factors that actually helps in determining the net profit margin. Whether you are a packer or mover company or renter, you will require to check for the following things.

Direct Cost

It is a cost that can be credited for the manufacture of service. The cost can include the manufacturing, transportation and raw material cost for the product based work. Where the cost given for a particular service like supervisor etc. falls under service based work. These costs are the direct cost that is paid for the total expenses. This is applied while calculating net profit formula accounting.

Indirect cost

Indirect cost is separated from the direct cost, it is a cost that is used for the day-to-day expenses that are spent on the business. For instance, the cost of utilities, rent, supplies and furniture will fall under the indirect cost. However, the insurance and many other benefits are given to an employee including the cost of training also comes in the category of indirect cost. The most integral part of running a business and performing the daily operation, administrative cost, is also added as an indirect cost.

Time Cost

There are instances when businessman won’t feel like to add this cost even though it is the most important cost that must be a part of the tally chart. This includes assembling and observing the data chart to figure out the total time of the project that much is appropriate according to the total cost. With the help net profit formula accounting, you can enable the productivity of the business. And it will give you the approximate time in which the service will be completed.

Employee Salaries

The most important thing that a businessman keep in mind is that the salary of a manager is different from the developer. It also depends on the experience and expertise that helps in calculating the hourly pay of the individual person. You can ask your accountant to help you determine the indirect cost of every employee.


This has a huge impact on the net profit margin of the business. It is the most vital point of your business as it helps in determining the success of your product. With the advanced technology, the marketing depends on the social media which changes the cost of advertising on a larger scale.

There are many other things that affect the total net margin of the business-like taxes and expenses. Even in the net profit formula a level business, the extra costs are added. This is used to determine the appropriate value and the additional costs if any. You need to be very attentive to the metrics of your business if you actually want to enjoy profitable life.