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Dealing with depression during exam

With the tension building up and attempts to cram knowledge, because the exams are right around the corner depression and anxiety is something that comes free. In situations like these we don’t have to let depression take over us rather fight it so you can focus more on the subject matter. Here are some things that you can do to fight depression:

  1. Meditation: 5 minutes of meditation right before you start your studies will not only fight depression but will also help you concentrate better. You can even meditate for 5 minutes after you have finished studying. That will help you develop more focus and help build memory retention capacity.
  2. Desserts: Treat yourself with desserts (the fanciest of them) sweetness always helps to fight stress and depression. The mere thought of having a dessert lightens up the mood so actually consuming it will do wonders. But don’t overeat. Make sure it is balanced else you will lose out on a balanced diet and gain calories.
  3. Sleep: Who doesn’t love sleeping? Getting insufficient sleep during exams can be a problem but make sure you do get proper sleep. It will give your mind and body a rest getting rid of depression.
  4. Talk to someone: Don’t lock yourself up and build a faithful relationship with your books. Humans are social animals and you need to talk and express your thoughts to someone. Make sure you take out time to converse with someone, your friends, family, stranger, anyone. You need a support system and someone who will encourage you.
  5. Exercise:  If you can manage to pinch out 15 minutes to do some exercise would be great. Exercising will help the dispersion of blood all over the body and help you regain focus. Any light exercise will boost your energy level and you will feel fresh.
  6. Music: One way to release stress and anxiety is to listen to music. Music that is calm and peaceful. Music has time and again proven to be one of the best things to fight depression. You can play light music while studying too. Visit our FRM and music page to get free playlists that you can listen to while studying.
  7. Reward yourself: Whenever you achieve a target or complete something well in time reward yourself. Appraisal is one of a basic need and when you deserve it why not have it.  So treat yourself to television or video games (limited time) a walk or a book, anything you like.
  8. Don’t stress: Lastly, stop stressing. It’s an exam and you have many exams in your life. You don’t need to attract depression. When your brain goes astray yell at it to stop and start focussing on something that is more important.

I trust you and the fact that you will be able to fight off depression.  This time it’s you who takes charge. Prepare well without depression. You can also visit our exam tips page to get more helpful tips. All the best!