Shipping Corporation of India is an organization with good fundamentals and has generated enormous interest in the investor community (both retail and institutional). Many potential investors want a financial model in Microsoft Excel© which can help them in a thorough analysis of the company. Creating such models have always been a time-taking and daunting exercise.

Pristine has created an integrated valuation model based on the publicly available information. It is available as an open-source model for any user. Kindly note that this model is meant for informational purposes only. You are invited to try out this model and see for yourself.

The complete structure of the model and formulas, linkages etc. have been kept open to allow for any modification on the part of the user. Users can use the model freely but should give due credit to Pristine.

  • Right click on the provided link and select “Save Link As”
  • Save the file to your desired folder. The file is a .zip archive
  • Extract this archive using your extraction program (7-zip, Winzip, Winrar or Windows)
  • Open the extracted file in Microsoft Excel