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Ten reasons why Digital Marketing is the best option after an MBA in Marketing

Marketing courses have never been this fascinating before the uptrend of digital marketing. Earlier, marketing was known to be a difficult role where individuals had to face several challenges and severe competition to sell their product or spread awareness regarding the brand. As the modes of marketing were few, the scope of expansion was also limited.

Since the world is shifting to a digital era, it was extremely necessary for the sellers to reach the buyers at a more convenient place, that is over the internet. Buyers today are more dependent on the virtual marketplaces as it brings more comfort, convenience and exposure to variety. Searching for a product on the internet is easier than in the stores. This explains why digital marketing is a must for every organisation.

Majority of the MBA Marketing courses train the individual on the theoretical aspects of marketing, that too the focus is more on conventional marketing. Only a few MBA colleges offer digital marketing as a part of the curriculum but that too is not an in-depth study of the subject.

The professionals that impart the training or education in the MBA colleges are skillful professors rather that professionals who have worked for the industry. Opting for a Digital Marketing course after MBA in Marketing enables the individual to learn and develop with the industry professionals who have experience implementing the methodologies.

MBA in Marketing


Here are ten reasons why one should opt for a Digital Marketing course after MBA in Marketing:


1 Digital Marketing is the new trend

Since the new and the old generation has shifted to digital, a company’s digital presence has become a must. Every company wants to have a social presence on digital platforms to connect to their existing customers and find more potential customers. Whether they hire an entire team of digital marketers and other marketing professionals or outsource the business process, the company cannot do without digital marketing. Hence the demand for marketing professionals especially the digital marketing professionals is very high with comparatively lower supply.


2 Practical experience in Marketing

MBA in marketing course trains the individual in conventional marketing methods and techniques. Moreover, the training is majorly theoretical rather than practical. A Digital Marketing course trains the individual in implementing their theoretical knowledge to achieve the desired output thus making them industry-ready.


3 Curriculum designed as per industry standards

With the advancement in technology and change in human lifestyle, there is a need to update oneself with the current trends, knowledge and methodologies. Curriculum or syllabus for degree courses like MBA in Marketing is revised once every few years. That means that you will be learning what your seniors had or the students who passed out years back had learned. Digital Marketing courses update the curriculum whenever there is a new trend, technology or medium. It updates the individual as per the current trends in the industry and gears them up for the challenges they might face while working in the industry.


4 Short term course with a convenient training schedule

Digital Marketing is not just an effective course for MBA in Marketing students but also an optimum investment time-wise. Digital marketing course ranges from three months to a year at the most. The courses are designed to suit the needs of every individual. Be a regular training, training over the weekend, classroom training, or online training, it is a convenient option while one pursues other opportunities.


5 Easy to learn Digital Marketing

An individual does not need to be an expert in any technical or statistical subject to understand and learn Digital Marketing. It is not rocket science, infact, not even anywhere close to it. Digital Marketing is an easy subject to learn for a student with any academic background. What actually takes to get hold of the subject is logic and creativity. Digital Marketing provides more scope for professionals to experiment and discover what works to achieve the desired output.


6 Better job opportunities for Digital Marketers

Companies today pay more attention to the experience and skills a person holds rather than just degrees. They are not just interested in how well one can answer the questions in an interview but how well one can perform during the job. Digital Marketing course trains the individual to deliver what is expected by the companies. They train the candidates on how to face and resolve the challenges, how to improve the marketing reach and results, how to achieve the targets and so on.


7 Higher pay compared to other industry professionals

There is very high demand for knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the Digital Marketing arena. Compared to the demand, the supply is not adequate as most of the candidates have the knowledge but not the experience or vice versa. This gap between the demand and supply of talent has made the profession a highly paid one.


8 Flexibility and freedom in working plus an opportunity to start an independent business

Digital Marketers can do their work from any corner of the world, provided they have an internet connection. The individual can choose to complete the office work from home, do freelance marketing along with a permanent salaried job or even have a marketing agency himself. Since there is a huge demand for Digital Marketing, the opportunities are vast and fruitful for almost everyone in the stream.


9 Wide range of options to choose from

Digital Marketing though seems to be a narrow subject, one has the option to choose from a variety of streams to focus and gain expertise. One can choose to excel in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and many more domains.


10 Affordable training and education

One does not have to invest too much to get a Digital Marketing certification. It is one of the most reasonable and in-demand courses that adds weightage to your resume making you eligible for almost every marketing role. Digital Marketing course along with an MBA in marketing degree provides the candidate with an edge over the others.