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EduPristine>Blog>Now treat yourself with Dominos pizza by sending a ‘pizza’ emoji via Twitter. Can’t get better than this!

Now treat yourself with Dominos pizza by sending a ‘pizza’ emoji via Twitter. Can’t get better than this!

May 14, 2015


Do you know that Domino’s pizza can now be ordered via twitter with just a pizza emoji? Yes, you heard it right! With Domino’s rolling out new tactics to be the best service provider in restaurant industry, it has now come up with a brilliant and innovative technique to take pizza orders through Twitter. Starting 20th May, people can order pizza delivery sitting relaxed at home by using a pizza emoji or a hashtag on Twitter, irrespective of mobile or a computer. Great news for all of us lazy bums, isn’t it?

On Tuesday, the Dominos pizza Twitter account sent out a stream of tweets made up entirely of pizza emojis. These were punctuated like normal tweets and what baffled their followers more was the pizza emoji laced replies.

It was later understood that these tweets were the promotion efforts by Dominos to break this news out, drawing attention of the twitters around the world to this news. This strategy from Dominos hit a breakthrough for them with almost all Tuesday’s tweets being favorited and retweeted hundreds of times. The tweet of a rectangular pizza shaped wedge made up of pizza emojis got a whopping 2.4K retweets and 1.8K favorites.

To get on with this service, customers will need to register into Domino’s easy order service system along with authorizing their Twitter accounts in their profiles. This will enable you to order your pizza by tweeting “#EasyOrder” or the pizza emoji to @Dominos on Twitter. In response, Dominos will send you a direct message to confirm your order. This order which will be saved in the customer’s profile and will be sent automatically to the customer’s residence.

Using Twitter on an ongoing basis to place and complete an order with delivery will make Dominos the first major player in the restaurant industry. “It’s the epitome of convenience. We’ve got this down to a five-second exchange” says CEO Patrick Doyle, in a phone interview. Things are looking up with Patrick Doyle further letting the juice out that Dominos will continue to look for platforms where users are spending much of their time such as Facebook and Instagram.

For Twitter this marks an evolution that the online social network is creating from a place to chat and advertise stuff to a place where people can buy various stuffs. Twitter spokeswoman Genevieve Wong quoted, “Our hope is that advertisers will keep innovating this way. Twitter is the best platform to be creative like this”. Well, now that is true. (quote : usatoday)

However, the pizza delivery order via Twitter service as of now will only be functional in US but Dominos will surely be planning to introduce this service on a global basis. Do you think Facebook and Instagram will be the next on Domino’s radar?

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