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A great career in accounting can only be resultant of work experience, rigorous education and thorough training. Having a credential that demonstrates your accounting and financial skills will only increase your value in any position you desire to take up. To have an edge over others, certified management accountant course (CMA) recognizes you as a global talent and gives you advanced-level credential. If your sights are set on moving up the corporate ladder quickly, then, the CMA designation can definitely give you a competitive advantage.

CMA Insights:

  • CMAs earn an average of $22,000 a year than their peers who are non-certified.
  • Employers are willing to pay people who have given CMA exams, hence the demand for people with management certification are trending in recent years.
  • US based firms, MNCs, financial services or consulting firms are hiring CMAs with management accounting certification for key financial roles. With certified management accountant course, you can stand a chance to get employed in with MNCs and financial services in India.
  • CMAs have the edge in manufacturing, plant control and management accounting.
  • You will require a bachelor’s degree in any field plus two year’s full time or four years’ part time experience in the area of management accounting or financial management. This ease of entry makes CMA even more sought-after qualifications in India and worldwide.
  • Management accounting certification like CMA is specifically designed to drive business performance, thereby demonstrating your mastery in financial planning, decision support and professionalism.
  • Receiving the management certification will help you become a certified management accountant in india and a part of the extensive network comprising of 30, 000 credentialed individuals worldwide.

Below is a Success Story of ‘CMA Meet Nathan’:

“I’ve been in the accounting and finance field for 11+ years. I’m a Certified Management Accountant, Corporate Controller, entrepreneur, and author of

When I made the decision to become a CMA, it seemed like such an impossible goal. With too many options like CA, CS or CPA before me, taking up the plunge was difficult.

After developing a study plan and following it diligently while discovering studying and exam techniques, I sat for each exam and passed both on my first try. It took me a total of 6 months to prepare for both exams.

Being a CMA has opened up so many doors in my career as a Corporate Controller and entrepreneur. I haven’t only acquired advanced skills in accounting and finance, but also in business and strategy.”

Your Career in Commerce field and career graph will only shoot up if you are determined enough to go for a designation like CMA. Start your route to this destination with EduPristine. If you think you have the potential to become a certified management accountant in india, then we assure you significant return on your investment. CMA Qualification from the right institution definitely matters, and therefore, making the most of your career opportunities with us will arguably be the best decision you will ever make.

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