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PGP-BAT Course Details and Scope in India

  • Accounting is a renowned domain but not many know that Accounting is divided into two subcategories
    1. Financial Accounting and
    2. Business Accounting
  • While Financial Accounting can be pursued after a B.Com, it takes special skills to pursue Business Accounting. 
  • There are few differences between Financial Accounting and Business Accounting. Financial Accounting consists of a regulatory framework that is mandatory to be followed by every organization. Financial Accountants need to follow the Accounting Standards to represent the financial records of the organization. 
  • Financial Accounting also helps in a consistent accounting process among all the organizations in the country. Business Accounting caters to business performance measurement and evaluation. 
  • Business Accounting involves activities like Financial Modeling, Forecasting, Budgeting, and estimates. It helps companies in decision making and analyzing growth opportunities. Unlike Financial Accounting, Business Accounting is not mandatory for organizations. 
  • While the majority of colleges and universities focus on training students in Financial Accounting, candidates need specialized training for Business Accounting like a Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT course). 
  • Post Graduate Program Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT course) Job Opportunities
  • A candidate who specialises in Business Accounting and Taxation can pursue a career as:
    1. Accounting Assistant
    2. Accounting Supervisor
    3. Accounting Manager
    4. Senior Accountant
    5. Junior Accountant
    6. Auditing Assistant
    7. Accounting Administrator
    8. Tax Assistant
    9. Tax Manager

PGP-BAT Course Job Opportunities

PGP-BAT Course Curriculum:

  • Financial Reporting using ERP Software Tally – this includes recording entries and transactions in Tally. Learn how to use Tally for basic accounting with business case studies
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) – includes applicability, valuation, and registration of GST. Learn to make payments, file refunds and returns, and record transactions using Tally
  • Direct Taxation – includes accounting for Income Tax and Tax returns, accounting for TDS and filing TDS returns
  • Payroll and its Components – includes understanding Payroll Components and ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation). Learn accounting for Payroll using Tally and registration and returns for Payroll Components
  • Finalization of Financial Statements – includes the preparation of different types of financial statements. Learn to prepare Financial Statements with Business Case Studies
  • Excel and MIS Reporting – Learn how to use Excel for Accounting with functions like Index Match, Transpose, Match, Pivot Functions, Lookup Function, Logical Functions, etc. Generate MIS Reports for Business Case Studies using Excel.
  • BUSY Software – Learn how to activate the software and create ledgers, post transactions, extract GST reports and Trial Balance
  • SAP Module (Simulation based) – Learn to setup Purchase and Sales Process, manage Vendor, Customer, Credit, Liquidity, Invoice, and much more using SAP
  • Soft Skills – Get trained in Business Communication, Presentation Skills, and Interview techniques

Students can pursue the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation – PGP-BAT course in India through a mix of Online and Classroom Training. Below are the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation – PGP-BAT course details

PGP-BAT Course Eligibility:

A candidate needs to be a graduate with a Commerce background to be eligible for the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT course). The course is especially beneficial for freshers or candidates with less than two years of work experience.

PGP-BAT Course Duration:

Depending on the candidate’s dedication and focus, it takes 3-4 months to complete the Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation (PGP-BAT course). 

PGP-BAT Course Salary Range:

The salary range of a candidate with a specialization in Business Accounting and Taxation is 3 lakhs to 10 Lakhs per annum, depending upon the job role. 

Job opportunities in Accounting after PGP-BAT Course