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2014 was the year when Digital Marketing grew to a new level thanks to the e-commerce firms. And now it is getting incorporated in the marketing strategies across all domains. Below we’ve tried to predict the developments which will affect Digital Marketing the most, in 2015

Mobile Marketing will take over

With the world going mobile, the marketing strategies now need to concentrate on mobile marketing to ensure they keep up with their traffic.

“I predict that B2B marketers will see their audiences cross over to “mobile first” for the first time in 2015 where greater than 50% of their marketing content will be consumed on mobile or tablet device.” — Russell Glass, Head of B2B Products, LinkedIn

That, along-with cross device attribution will become more important as the mobile traffic increases. Cross-device modeling runs on user-based, data-driven attribution (as done by Adometry) and as it gains more relevance, we are going to see a lot less reliance on click-based/cookie tracking.

Marketing Analytics

With Big Data on the rise, the need for better analysis of the traffic, trends etc. is increasing day-by-day. What next after you have enough traffic on you website? Analyse that traffic and try to improve their experience.
Marketing Analytics needs to be there in your Marketing strategy. Rich Snippets, Micro Data and tagging your content

You think you’re creating awesome content? Great! But is Google bot able to recognize that as “awesome content”? provides a collection of schemas that webmasters can use to markup HTML pages in ways recognized by major search providers, and that can also be used for structured data interoperability.

Data is ok. But the question in 2015 will be, does your site have structured data?

Online ads to continue to make money for Google

Ad spend by firms around the world is expected to grow at an astounding rate. Internet advertising is predicted to grow by more than 10% globally. At the same time, mobile ads are expected to grow by almost 50%. With Google providing better segmentation and targeting techniques, expect better ads to come your way in 2015.

Content Marketing to rule them all

Google has focussed on it every now and then; If you create rich content, you are bound to improve your traffic and organic search listings.

“As Google continues to get better at connecting related search queries, long, in-depth content will become more of a trend. These pages will rank for both broad head terms and long tail terms. Pages that are hyper-targeted towards long tail terms will die, and you’ll see more and more sites start to consolidate their pages.”
Danny Tran, Online Marketing Manager, QuinStreet

“My prediction for 2015 is that the digital marketer aka Social Bizologist (the person guiding the integration of social into the business functions of an organization) will be asking for an end-to-end content solution. We need a tool that can facilitate content efforts from ideation to publishing while tracking the usage and performance of content across the customer journey. This will allow for ease in repurposing, localization and accommodate real-time efforts.”
Connie Bensen – Global Social Content Strategy, Innovation & Governance, Dell

Digital Marketing as a job prospect in 2015

According to LinkedIn, SEO/SEM marketing ranked 4th in the top 25 skills that people got hired for in 2014.

It can be clearly seen from the above data that the Digital Marketing skill-set is on the boom and it will continue to remain so in the impending future.

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