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EduPristine gets Series A funding

September 14, 2011

Team EduPristine
Team EduPristine

We are pleased to announce that we have received Series A funding from Accel Partners.

Incidentally the first announcement of this news, we shared on our community on Facebook, a company which has received funding from Accel Partners as well.

About EduPristine

EduPristine is India’s largest training provider for international certifications like CFA, FRM®, PRM®. It has been founded by industry professionals who have worked in the area of investment banking and private equity and organizations such as Goldman Sachs, S&P, Standard Chartered and Accenture. EduPristine has conducted more than 500,000 man-hours of quality training in finance. EduPristine already has Dr. Mark Mobius and Mr. Rajesh Sehgal of Franklin Templeton as investors in the company.

About Accel Partners

Founded in 1983, Accel Partners has a long history of excellence and innovation in venture capital, and is dedicated to partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class businesses. Accel today invests globally using dedicated teams and market-specific strategies for local geographies, with offices in Palo Alto, California, London, UK, New Delhi and Bangalore, India as well as in China via the IDG-Accel Partnership.

With over $6 billion under management, Accel has helped entrepreneurs build over 300 successful companies, many of which have defined their categories, including Actuate, Acopia, AdMob, Agile Software, Alfresco, AMCC, Arrowpoint, BBN, Brightcove, ComScore, Etsy, Facebook, Foundry Networks, Gameforge, GlamMedia, Groupon, Imperva, Infinera, Interwoven, IronPlanet, JBoss, Kayak, Macromedia, Maven Networks, metroPCS, NextG Networks, Polycom/PictureTel, Portal Software, QlikTech, Rapt, Real Networks, Redback Networks, Riverbed, UUNet, Veritas,, Webroot, Wily Technology, XenSource and Zimbra.

For more information about Accel Partners Click here.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 Companies and 10,000 Students from 40+ countries across the globe, it is one of the leading International Training providers for Finance Certifications like FRM®, CFA®, PRM®, Business Analytics, HR Analytics, Financial Modeling, and Operational Risk Modeling. EduPristine has conducted more than 500,000 man-hours of quality training in finance.


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