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There is a great shift happening in the recruiting industry, with Big Data playing on the screen, the stage is made clear for clean data. Despite
recruiting firms touting their databases as the differentiating factor, the importance of a current live search is still known to the recruiters. The
reason that most robust databases don’t still fulfil the needs because the contact information changes too often.

Job Boards as Data Sources:

The only place that had the latest contact information were often the Job boards, since anyone looking for a job would post their latest information and
resumes there. But recruiters and companies are actually after the passive candidates: the ones who are not looking for a job. Typically, the best talent
gets found by the recruiter and not the other way around.

Cloud Computing and Living Databases

Cloud computing that enables living databases have now become a game changer in the recruitment industry. The differentiator between the good and great
recruiters has now become their ability to use the live databases. Automation of the “hunt” and “find” part of the search process enables the recruiters
and sourcers in launching effective searchers faster than ever before.

The recruiting industry is disrupted by this new technology and in this new playing field, the best friends of a recruiter are the software companies that
can create and keep updating the profiles of candidates. Ringlead was the first app partner to Salesforce even before they were on app store and it’s CEO
who is trained in software engineering and recruiting epitomizes the perfect synergies between automated data and recruiting.

How Exactly Is Big Data Making Talent Acquisition Better?

It’s all in the data now available, and how fast it can be accessed. Instead of spending the first week, and up to a month, trying to find and source the
right job title, for the right candidate, in the right industry, in the exact region needed, now you can use tools to create your targeted list in minutes.
Now, instead of using multiple search tactics, and hunting that perfect profile lurking among multiple sites, you can now attain that list of 200
candidates with a couple clicks within your data portal. That way you can start making calls, instead of researching who to call.

This is a sourcer’s dream, as well as a recruiter’s best friend. This improved data, that can be delivered to you, desktop or mobile, is changing the
recruiter’s desk, workload, and lifestyle. How do you become the fastest? You have the best technology and data partner in the market. If cash is King,
data is now Queen.