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Digital Marketing Tips

The most important aspect of doing any kind of marketing is gaining an insight into user behavior. It is not just gaining the knowledge about the keywords that the users search/use (*Keywords are Dead). There are patterns and structures that need to be recognized to get into the minds of the users. This, in turn, will help you market your products effectively via all the channels.

Content is and will always be the king of Digital Marketing. If your website does not have good content, not only will Google penalize you but the users will also not come to your website again. And I don’t think that any business can run without having returning visitors.

And finally, even if your marketing techniques brings traffic on the website; what after that? Have you created a good user experience so that the conversion path is completed as smoothly as possible?

These are the reasons why learning only SEO, PPC or email marketing will not be enough.

All the marketing methods; SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are inter-related to each other and the learning of a particular topic is not enough to understand Marketing as a whole.

Here’s how SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are related and give the best result when used together

SEO and PPC Marketing

SEO(Search engine optimization) is a long process which does not generate instant results in most cases.
Whereas, PPC(Pay Per Click) Marketing will generate instant traffic for your website. But you’ll have to spend a lot to generate this traffic. And how long can you do that? Your investors will finally ask you to bring traffic via organic methods because they will give better profits.

Therefore, you need to make them work together. But how? Most people believe that SEO and PPC do not go hand in hand. THEY ARE WRONG.

Think about this. Both PPC Marketing and SEO bring traffic to your website, but what differentiates the two?


PPC Marketing gives you almost instant result and SEO does not. But you can use the results and understandings from PPC Marketing and implement them in SEO.

Title and Description

You can test the titles and description in PPC and then use the results for SEO. The most basic tip while working on Ads is to keep changing you ad copy with some A/B Testing. Find out which title and description work the best for you and try to include the same in your SEO Title and Description.

PPC helps you find keywords: PPC Marketing helps you give you the right keywords and the negatives for which you don’t need to optimize your site.

Biggest advantage: When used together, PPC and SEO listings will take up more space on the first page; directly implying less space and business for your competitor. WIN-WIN.

In the longer run, SEO will generate more benefits that PPC because there is a limit to the money that your business will allow you to spend.

But how does SEO help PPC Marketing?

SEO will increase your page’s quality score, which directly affects the bid on keywords for your ads. Bids are inversely proportional to the quality score. Better the quality score, lesser you’ll have to pay.

PPC also helps you tackle negative publicity. For example, BP, after the Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico, bought the keywords like “oil spill”, “Gulf of Mexico” and “deepwater horizon” and redirected the users to a page on their website with an official response to the oil spill.

BP ads on oil spill

Any guess on how costly the keywords were?

Searchenginewatch predicted that they spent $995k on Google ads in the US.

PPC Marketing just does not include showing ads on Google. Paid Marketing is now a feature of all the Social Media Channels and it is necessary for you to invest in them so that you reach out to more people. Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing have become so important in the current world that according to Forbes, the Social Media Marketing budget is set to increase by 128% in the next 5 years and will take over more than 20% of the marketing budget.

Social Media Marketing and SEO

In comes Social Media Marketing, the latest of the Digital Marketing escapades. Social Media Marketing does not include just the putting fancy posts on Facebook and Twitter. There is much more to it. According to searchmetrics, Social Media signals have become a ranking signal while calculating the page rank of a website for a particular keyword. WOW. So that means SEO is related to Social Media Marketing as well.

You can clearly see that the correlation between ranking well and Facebook shares, comments, tweets etc. is pretty high. Pretty high correlation between SEO and Social Media Marketing too. Thank you searchmetrics for that exhaustive study

Email Marketing + Social Media Marketing(+SEO)

Suppose you have recently written an article about generating leads from LinkedIn. While the article might pull in some organic traffic, but having a great email list and blasting a mail to them on how they can use those tricks in their own business will generate shares, tweets and comments on your original article. Voila. Social Media Signals. SEO. Email Marketing. All together!

Drive To RSS & To Regular Content Consumption

While encouraging comments and shares on social media channels can certainly be beneficial for SEO, giving your subscribers other ways to get keen on your content is also important. Email lists and mailers should never be a necessity in bringing traffic to your website. RSS is a good way to do that.