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Report Cards and Progress Reports!

November 1, 2012

Report Card

If you have been keeping track of our blog, then this would not surprise you. I had written about upgrading our Learning Management System some months back. In that post I had written about our reasons to shift from Moodle 1.9 to Moodle 2.2. During that phase, we did study the system and thought it would be great if we could tweak the system a bit more to give a better experience for you, our students.

So what are some of the changes that we have in store?

Well, we started off by creating different video based courses for one … right now the CFA® Program Level I course is live with the course built on the LOS syllabus of the Level I course. After studying the usage patterns of these students, we realized that one important aspect of our Learning Management System was reporting. Reporting in Moodle is there in bits and pieces and it needs to be presented in a different manner.

CFA® Program candidates will realize that apart from the absolute score of the individual, what is more important is the relative score of the individual v/s the student community. That gives him a standing which is more realistic to the CFA® exam experience. If you see the image above, you will realize that there are two line graphs … the first is the individuals performance graph, and the second is the community’s performance graph (in orange). Clearly, my peers are doing better than me, so I need to study more!!

However, the above screen was also giving partial data, I would want to know what is my position on all the different 10 topics of CFA® Program. So, we created another version of this report card, here’s a sneak peek –


In this, the orange bars (vertical) on each of the topics indicate the community average, and the blue bars (horizontal) are my individual scores. Hmm, I need to watch more videos and give more quizzes if I have any chance of catching up with the community! Plus there are 4 topics which I need to start!!

This reporting panel is visible to both the students as well as to the content team. What our content team intends to do is create a custom streamlined course of the 200 most important LOSes which you cannot miss for the CFA® Program Level I Exam. These would then be mailed as a weekly schedule to the candidates. Now, we know whether you are reading our emails as well 🙂

The reporting module should be live on our new Learning Management System by the end of this week. We are very excited to see this new tool in action and see how this helps your exam preps.

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