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Are you thinking to explore a career in business analytics? Still wondering if a career in business analytics can be a good fit for your interests and experience? Following are few prominent business analytics professional job roles which will enable you to quickly move up the ladder of success and achieve your career goals.

business analytics

1. Marketing Analytics Manager:

Marketing Analytics is an exciting role that demands: Analyzing the success of past marketing campaigns and activities to identify areas in need of improvement based on prior results. Business model (Marketing Mix Models) building by using different statistical techniques on the basis of a client’s need. Evaluation of Business model to generate valuable insights on business growth as per clients need.

2. Business Analytics Developer:

Business Analytics Developer is one who loves Designing, coding, testing, and documenting all new or modified BA systems, applications, and programs. He needs to have working knowledge for developing graphs and portal interfaces. Assist in the design and development of databases and data warehouses to ensure interoperability with BA solutions.

3. Business Analytics Advisor:

Business Analysis Advisor is for those who love to interact with customers. It is accountable for all aspects involving data modeling techniques to find insights relevant to the business. This role demands expertise in predictive modeling and experience with a broad range of statistical techniques, including regression, logistic regression, cluster analysis, segmentation, time series analysis, forecasting, and experimental test design)

4. Financial Analyst:

Financial Analyst another business analytics role but in finance domain. It includes analyzing / monitoring company / industry performance on an absolute and relative basis Generating models for valuation metrics. Producing and maintaining various databases. Gathering public information on target companies / industries through numerous sources and General research.

There are several other titles ranging from a junior level analyst to a VP, these job range from a minimum of 2-5 LPA at Entry level to 8-20 LPA at Middle Management level and more than 20 LPA for Senior Management.(salaries are highly dependent of academic qualification and work exp)

business analytics

Getting a qualification in Business Analysis can give you an opportunity to grow your income stream and seek transitional roles in your desired company. EduPristine offers Business Analytics Training that focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance based on data and statistical methods. Business Analytics course offered by EduPristine is a specialized certificate course designed to deliver knowledge on application of statistical concepts in real world scenarios.