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Accounts form the base of every activity that an individual undertakes in their day to day life as well in their professional setup. It is a field with huge number of opportunities.Career in Accountancy requires tracking finances, budgeting, maintaining books of accounts all of which requires accountants due to which the demand for accountants has been on a rise in the recent time.

There are people who take up accounts as their academics in order to excel in it in the due course of time. In the accounting domain, CAs are the ones who are given the benefit of knowing in and out of accounts. These are the individuals who are given the credit of being the best in the field of accounting. So, one way to have a successful accounting career is to pursue CA as these are the students who are preferred for a different accounting role, as it is taken on the face of it that they will be in a better position to handle roles handed over to them.

However, every individual cannot take up the CA route to be a part of the accounting profession. There are constraints with the funding to do a CA degree which not all can afford. There are also limitations in terms of individual capacity to complete the degree in the time frame needed. This is where the hands-on training provided by some institutes comes in the picture. This training help to excel in the accounting field by providing all the knowledge needed to take up the accounting profession. These training programs help the students who have the basic knowledge of accounts and want to take it further so that they get the desired profile, position and remuneration.

accounting  training

Traditional method of Accounting Training

When initially the need for training was recognized it was more to do with the basics. There were courses that offered basic training in bookkeeping and other primary requisites of accounts. The crux of the training was limited only to the basics. This was no way close to the learnt accounting professionals. These did not serve the purpose of those who did not have a professional degree in accounts. That is the reason it was opted only by those who already had a base of accounts and wanted to enhance it further. The non-professionals were reluctant to take up these courses as they did not add any value.

Changes in recent times

With the advanced methods coming into the picture, there are different courses that actually provide in-depth training and experience to deal with the minutest information. These courses actually have experience shared on the desk which could be implemented practically. These courses are more of an exercise of an entire situation that one would face in their professions. These are thereby opted even by the students who have a generalized knowledge on accounts and lack the experience to implement the same.

What do these training courses offer?

  • Latest accounting strategies and techniques
  • Training on different accounting software like Tally, Quickbooks, SAP etc
  • Finalisation of accounts
  • Preparation and presentation of MIS reports to management
  • Different accounting practices across different industries

There are different modules that cover different aspects of accounts

The above aspects are some of the aspects covered by the different courses or trainings offered to individuals in order to excel in the current accounting professions. They take individuals from the basic to advanced financial methodologies.

Who all can take up these training programmes?

These programmes can be taken up students pursuing different degrees like B. Com / M. Com / BBA / BSc / BA and / or accountants working in the industry

These are of additional weightage for the ones who are already in the field

Why professional accounting training is needed?

  • Helps to fill the gap in the market for skilled resources
  • Helps in managing records
  • Helps in opening up opportunities for managerial positions
  • Gives better employment stands for different students

The outcome from these programmes

These training programs definitely help individuals boost their confidence in handling projects beyond their capacitation backed by the experience gained. Even if the student has not reached the CA level of academics, the loops highlighted in these programs helps one to handle situations with a good amount of sureness. Besides the individual skill development, it also raises the bar for the students in terms of remuneration and growth in the industry. The scope of work, post these training programs also increases, instead of the benchmark work allocation as per academic knowledge. There is more exposure awaited when the conviction is seen in students to grasp more to add to the basic knowledge.


The very fact that academics play a key role in an individuals’ growth, same weightage is given also to the experienced and ready to explore kind of students. If well-groomed and shown the right direction to handle the profiles, these students can also excel in various fields related to accounts. If you are looking for a professional training program that will help your career graph grow then you can check the details of Post Graduate Program in Business Accounting and Taxation provided by EduPristine that is designed in such a way that after its completion you are ready to take up any professional role in the accounting field.